Sunday, 14 June 2015

herbs for women

Red raspberry leaf
.Red Raspberry Leaf is a very commonly used herb to aid in boosting fertility, mainly because it tones the uterus, strengthening its lining and lengthens the luteal phase, thus making it a very hospitable environment for long term conception.

Dong Quai
This herb will also help tone the uterus, and it also helps regulate female hormones, it increases circulation and even is a blood purifier. All of this herb’s qualities contribute to promoting a healthy reproductive system ideal for getting pregnant.

False Unicorn
This particular herb will help with vaginal dryness and ovarian pains .

Red Clover
This herb happens to be high in both magnesium and calcium, which are both minerals that are very important for fertility. The red clover is actually popularly known to be one of the best herbs for increasing female fertility. Not only does it balancing hormone levels, but it also can repair scarring or other damage done to the fallopian tubes hereby removing one more barrier to conception.

Black Cohosh
This herb like both the Red Raspberry Leaf and Dong Quai also is a uterine tonic. As well as being used for relieving ovary aching, or inflammation of the uterus or ovaries which can be detrimental to an effective conceiving environment.

Other herbs
Along with these recommended herbs, you may also look into other health supplements, such as Maca, wild yam, Flax Seed Oil, Nettle Leaf, Oat Straw to help with increasing female fertility. While the above mentioned herbs can prove to be helpful in increasing female fertility, you should remember that true health involves all components of the body, even for the reproductive system.

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