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Know the times we are in

Hi all,
The Internet is alive with speculation about what is going to happen this fall ranging from an asteroid hitting the earth in September to complete economic collapse and everything else in between. But for me, He has told me nothing about an economic collapse this fall – collapse, yes, and I have concerns about this September-October time frame, but what He described was a larger world-wide process over a couple of years between this summer and ending with, "2017 will be a bad year for the world."

The vast amount of what He has said to me has to do with the body of Christ. I encourage you to read this coming Friday’s “Weekly Thoughts” which is the first part of a rare-for-me spiritual dream, and I will write it out over the course of a couple of weeks, which contains more information about the body of Christ and what He is doing.

My encouragement to you in this space is to focus on what He is asking you to do right now, today, in your walk with Him. He is the 'I AM', the ever-present One, so remain in the present by being in His presence and conversationally throughout your day, talk to Him and listen in your heart for His response. Concerning world events - If He isn't telling you directly to do ‘this or that’ to prepare for ‘this or that’, then He has your ‘this or that’ taken care of - rest in that and be about the Father’s business!

Our focus
One day when I was complaining to Him that others were saying economic collapse and other disasters this fall but He was only talking to me about what He is doing in the earth, (not that some of that will or won't happen I don’t know), but to me He said:

“Look at the letters of the New Testament and events of that time. Where was their focus?” When I took a step back to think about the pages of the New Testament, I realized that for all the cultural and political persecution of the day, and all the intrigue of Roman politics, the pages of the NT are all about growing up into maturity in Christ and doing all to walk in love, not on current political, economic and military events.                

They were so enthusiastic about Christ in them and what that meant to themselves, their families, and those around them, they weren’t moved by world events, though they were aware of them.

Paul did write the coming of the Lord will be like a thief in the night to the unsaved, but not to the saved. So it means we will be able to view world events as pieces fitting into a puzzle leading up to the return of Christ.                                                                                                                                           
Excerpt from my dream – about the US and believers
“The collapse will come when conservatives are in charge, and they will be blamed for the nation’s ills, though what will happen is actually the result of poor decisions made by many before them. Conservatives, Christians, and Jews will be blamed for standing in the way of progress; then will come to pass the words I told you in 2003: ‘Laws that are designed to protect my people will one day be used against them.’ US culture is about to change in ways many thought could never happen. Remember what I told you in 2005, that in 10 years you won’t recognize your country for what it has become, and truly that has come to pass.”

“Remember when I told you the nation would face disasters natural, political, economic, and more, like a conspiracy of events and circumstances one after another, which will overwhelm the nation. Those days are soon coming, but those are days when many of those who know me and are walking in what I’ve been saying to them, and as I’ve said to you, will prosper and be lights in a dark world. They are the ones who will not be shaken, but will walk as giants in the land, for many will rise and be blessed in many areas during this time and become leaders to those around them. House church will become THE way of doing church in the US and much of the world and one of the marked differences in Christians you’ll be able to discern is those caught up in fear, and those who are walking circumspectly in peace.”

I’ve hesitated sharing even this small part of what He has told me, and though this e-newsletter goes to many nations, what happens in the US affects the whole world, so I thought it would be of interest. Many people are wrapped up in spiritual fear, not just natural fear, but under the influence of a spirit of fear that rules the news outlets and a good portion of ‘Christian’ news outlets, that the fine line between prudence with common sense, and ‘the sky is falling’ fear is often blurred. But the reason people are stirred in the first place is because almost everyone realizes ‘something’ is changing, ‘something’ is going on, and there is a sense in many believer’s spirits that we are on the edge of massive changes – and that is correct.

When the Lord appeared to me in early November 2001 and said “I want you to start a house church and house church network…” and I asked why, He said “It’s against a time to come. Be a resource for them, for it’s against a time to come.” So from the start we’ve known family based church meeting in the home would come into its own in the future, and all we’ve done to this point has been foundational, flowing with the preparations of the Spirit.

Ahead of, or behind the curve?
I’m not trying to sound doom and gloom, but I am trying to communicate the seriousness of the times, and how your greatest resources are people who are on the same spiritual page as you. Gone are the days of throw away relationships in Christ – it is time to grow up and work through differences and walk in love, seeing the bigger picture.                                                                                                    
Just today plumbers were here installing and hooking up Chris’ bathroom sinks, the one being open and shaped so a wheelchair can roll under, with the other side being ‘normal’ with a  cabinet under it. We are SO thankful to have sinks and water in those bathroom sinks! It sounds so minor, but it has been so long, the final sink having arrived just yesterday afternoon – special order for handicapped access.

Content in Christ?
I was spending some time about 3 weeks ago with one of our granddaughters, age 6, and as she sat on my lap she said matter-of-factly as she patted my stomach: “Grandpa, your tummy is pretty big, but it’s not too bad.” I chuckled quietly to myself at her transparent innocence, and asked looking for hope; “It’s not too bad?” To which she affirmed, “No, it’s okay, it isn’t too bad. It could be bigger, so it’s not too bad.” And just a couple days ago she made note of it again when I took she and her sister to dinner, telling me with a pat on my stomach it was still big but still not too bad…hmmm…ok Lord, I get it, I get it already!

I realized I may have become a bit too content with the size of my stomach, which was confirmed the next morning when I stepped on the dreaded teller of truth that spares no feelings – the bathroom scale. Somehow her sweet remark made me think about a spiritual fat stomach I’d been content with – for me the area of impatience and resulting anger – and resolved to ‘work on it’ and lose that weight, both physical and spiritual – like by overlooking drivers who don’t know that little stick on the side of the steering wheel can actually indicate which direction they might turn, or the person who thinks the left lane (in US) is the go slow do-not-pass lane, and making a choice to overlook general incompetence…growth and stretching as you know what they say about praying for patience – don’t! He will answer that prayer by giving you multiple opportunities in each day to exercise patience.

I regularly pray Paul’s prayer of Ephesians 1:17-18 and Colossians 1:9 for myself, that the eyes of my understanding would be opened and I’d have spiritual wisdom and understanding, but it has been awhile since I’ve asked for help with that spiritual stomach that needs to get smaller. The larger issue is not being content to spiritually tread water, but rather seek continual growth in Christ, to be more like Him in every area – not only to know the power of His resurrection, but also the fellowship of His suffering, no matter what form that takes. And for right now for me, it means working at making that stomach and spiritual stomach, a bit smaller.

So what has He been asking you to do? It probably isn’t to build a backyard bunker ready to hide from world events, but more along the lines of your own ‘spiritual stomach’. Focus on that, for we know that while we live in nations, our true home and citizenship is really in a place called heaven, and that is our focus.

Thank you to all who donate to help us do what we do. I so appreciate the emails and notes hearing how the teachings have brought balance and insight into the ways of the Lord – you are our greatest reward.

Planned travels as mentioned last month include Washington State and Vancouver areas August 2-9, Osawatomie, Kansas August 22-23, Florida September 23-30, New England October 13-20. If interested email me at for information.

Blessing and thank you SO very much for being part of our lives,
and allow me (us) to be part of yours!
    John and Barb

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