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Spiritual Dream, Part 1

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Hi all,
I had a spiritual dream with the Lord in it the other night, which is very unusual, but it is worth sharing. I had been asking the Father what was next, but didn't expect the dream, which was both now and the future.

I was a mechanic, like an auto mechanic, with a group of other mechanics standing together in what seemed to be a paved parking lot, just off a busy street.

The wall
As I looked out at the street I noticed a wall along the sidewalk, but to us the wall was transparent, and to anyone on the street it could also be transparent, but seemed to intimidate people. Some saw it sort of hazy, to some it was solid, and to some it was clear. Interestingly also to some it appeared from the street to be a wooden privacy fence, to others a chain-link fence, to others glass, and to others it seemed like a wall of mere air.

I understood that there were Christians who saw the fence in different ways, with unbelievers seeing it in various forms of solid and opaque, yet the opening to join us was wide and easily accessed.

Some would stop and look through the wall at us and then continue on with their busy lives, errands, and such. With one person I could see they were thinking about turning in, but somehow knowing their thoughts, I knew they said to themselves, 'Later'.

The mechanics
Though I didn't know my fellow mechanics, I knew we were on the same team. Some were however blind to me, centered on their project while ignoring others, even when I expressed genuine interest in what they were doing.

Some wanted to fellowship but only on a very light level, and some would come over and ask for advice about how to fix something but never wanted to get to know me deeper or be involved in my project. Some just wandered around taking small parts from other mechanics, like a wandering shop lifter, and one time a mechanic who had just had something taken from his pile of parts looked up at me with a smile as the thief that we both saw do it, walked away.

Like most spiritual dreams (at least for me) I didn't realize it was a dream until our boss walked up and I realized it was Jesus and I was in a dream. He was the Master mechanic and knew everything about what was going on, and would join us watching cars and people pass by, a scant few turning in now and then to talk and get help from my fellow mechanics. It struck me that the Master Mechanic was wearing the same blue coverall the rest of us were wearing which was somehow comforting and humbling at the same time.

The car
Then a car slowly pulled in and rolled up to me, and as it slowed to a stop the woman driving asked for directions to her new home, a campground nearby. The campground was a temporary home until she went to her permanent home she said, and somehow I knew the campground was CWOWI and my home too, and heaven was our permanent home.

At that point for some reason I looked up and to my left, and saw a tree covered hill behind that was maybe a block or less in distance from the mechanic area where we were. In fact the hillside started rising just outside the back wall/fence of the mechanic area though getting there meant going out and around.

The campground
The trees were huge and solid and healthy and provided wonderful shade, and there was grass and a sense of peace when I looked that direction. It puzzled me that it could be seen from the street, and yet was obscured because of buildings in the city, as was the path up to it unless you looked for it.

The car was shiny red and in good shape on the outside, a 2 door hatchback without air conditioning or anything extra at all. This was an old car with no airbags and one of those very thin hard steering wheels from the 1970's, a stick shift, vinyl seats and it was dirty inside. The contrast between the appearance and the reality of what was inside struck me profoundly, but I didn't have time to linger on those thoughts.

The woman and the girls
The driver was a woman who had dirty blonde hair, and she was gaunt and tired looking, reminding me of an addict due to her sunken eyes and gaunt face. In the back seat were 2 girls, twins about 9 years old, who looked exactly like their mother in every way, equally gaunt and tired looking. As she asked directions to her new home the Master walked up and she stopped mid-sentence, the scene frozen in place as He said:

"The girls are Wisdom and Knowledge, and they are malnourished. Their mother represents much of the church. She (the church) cannot feed Wisdom and Knowledge because she herself is malnourished and has been wandering around to this place and that, feeding herself on little more than junk food to the point she has become malnourished, exhausted, road-weary, and has come to the end of herself. The three are actually one; that is why they are identical to each other."

He continued: "Now, only now, is she willing to lay aside all that seems good on the outside but is rotten on the inside, to search for a home in which to settle. In days past she has passed by here many times as she chased the spectacular, thinking that was supernatural, but was slowly becoming malnourished. Now, only now, is she willing to settle down to begin consuming what she was supposed to all along."

"I want you to go with them, and escort them to the campground though it is within walking distance, as you know." And as He ended His sentence the scene 'unfroze' and woman seamlessly continued her sentence, unaware the plans heaven had made for her as she talked and asked directions. I thought to myself how ironic the Master was standing right there next to me yet she didn't see Him.

I told her I would go with her and take her to the campground, and she slid over and let me drive. I didn't fit at all, my knees were scrunched up and the headroom wasn't enough, symbolic I realized that I don't fit in the traditional auditorium nor fad elements of Christianity but was charged with helping her transition out of it.

We drove out across traffic, turned left for about 1/2 block, and drove up the alley between 2 buildings - the buildings represented structures built by man and religion that actually kept people from experiencing God.

At the campground
The campground was up a hill though the little car made it with determination and purpose. We could look down towards where we had been, and the Master Mechanic looked up at us and smiled. I remember seeing the woman and children looking at Him and smiling, their smiles saying they were at last home and at peace, and eager to become healthy.

The campground was full of mature trees, grass, and was cool and refreshing. The girls saw a running river so pure and clean on the back side of the hill that was impossible to see from the street as the hill and trees blocked seeing it. They got excited and wanted to immediately jump in and get cleaned up, and they left the car immediately to run to the river.

Their mom wanted to get cleaned up in the river too, but first she said to me, "Thank you so much for bringing me here. I have nothing to thank you with but myself, and you can have me if you want." I was horrified and quickly got out of the car, telling her that what I have I share freely, just sharing what the Master Mechanic had taught me.

She seemed embarrassed by her proposition, and got out and walked slowly to the river, sheepishly glancing at me one more time as she walked. As she did so I realized that was just part of the world still hanging on her and she knew no better, and because we were still in the car when she said that, it was a type of the church somehow (and thankful she got out).
Just then I turned and looked down the hill towards the Master Mechanic who had watched and listened to it all, and was looking up at us with a smile.

He looked at me and said, "The church has long prostituted herself through the centuries in different ways, but there have also always been those who have refused to do so. These have never been malnourished, having always fed themselves on the things of the Spirit and sought wisdom and knowledge in Me..."

Sorry to cut Him off mid-sentence - out of room.

Dream continued next week, including the
prophetic part...until then, blessings,
    John Fenn and email me at

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