Saturday, 8 August 2015


A man mistakenly sent 5000 cedis to a wrong
 phone number via mobile money transfer. He
 thought of what to do to prevent the person
 from withdrawing the money and came up with
 a plan. He sent a message to the person's phone
 saying,"Hello Dark and Worthy Initiate, I hope u
 are ok. I believe u have received the money I
 sent to u? It's for your initiation into the
 Eternal Mystical Order Of Glorious Satanism in
 the Dark Fraternity scheduled to take place
 tomorrow's midnight. That money is only for
 your transport. I'll send you more for your
 shopping. There are riches awaiting you in this
 kingdom. Two weeks after the initiation, a
 family member very close to your heart will die
 under mysterious circumstance. In another
 2weeks, the next person close to your heart will
 die too. These deaths will unlock your ticket to
 wealth, ability to fly at night to any part of the
 world, change into any kind of animal to deliver
 various assignments. Remember to come with a
 syringe and needle to draw your blood every 20
 minutes. Please remember that you must not
 come a minute late nor a minute earlier because
 the viceroy of satanwill be there himself to
 officiate ceremony. Thanks in advance. But in
 case you are not ready to join, please send back
 the money otherwise you will die in the next
 "Five minutes later he got an sms saying," Pls
 send another 5000 cedis now :my friend is also

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