Tuesday, 3 May 2016


What if  you woke up in the morning and you saw your body still lying helplessly on the bed. You were shocked so you tried callinh your sibling who was sleeping next to you but he did not hear you mention his name.
You tried to pick up your phone to make a call to someone and you couldnt pick it up. You started crying but no one heard you. You tried touching the gate to go out but your hand penetrated. You went outside and your house mates were chatting but you were not recognised.
After some few minutes, you saw your brothers and sisters coming out from your room shouting and crying and all you could hear them say was "HE IS DEAD".
You stood there watching them cry. So you asked yourself, "WHERE EXACTLY AM I GOING?" Your spirit started crying bitterly because you were not prepared to start that journey soo soon.
I ask you, Where exactly are you going when you stop breathing? Are you aware of your Final Destination? NO!!! So start preparing now. Look unto Jesus for HE is the only way to the Best Destination(HEAVEN). Be wise! It can take you unaware!!

If you agree, type "Lord have mercy on me" and HE will surely save your soul!!!

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