Saturday, 11 June 2016

Daily Ideas

1. The power of money and awards
Money is a drive. However, some place it before what they do. In fact, it is a powerful drive that can do good as well as evil in the lives of people. Many have died and are killed because of it and others too will still die and kill because of it.
The reason why many do what they do is because they want money. Think of prostitution and all the evils that men do under the sun – they are done because money. Money, though a great drive need to be our last drive though it is very important. The truth is, when it is placed first it can make us to do evil, or end up badly.
 One truth is, as other human want are insatiable; so, is money.  No amount of money will be enough for us. This means, to be happy is a choice—we need not to wait for millions to be happy. If we ever think that money will bring us joy, it is a lie—money can buy for us many things, but not joy. We need to decide to be happy, follow our good passion and do the good jobs we ought to do. As we do these, the rewards that we will gain will be money, praise, and promotions. This will bring us more joy and fulfillment.

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