Friday, 16 November 2018

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Daniel S. Peña is Chairman and Founder of The Guthrie Group (TGG), an investment consortium specializing in facilitating transactions, founded in 1997. With offices in the UK and Asia, it has acted as principal, advisor and agent to global and regional companies and institutions. Mr. Peña was also founder, former Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Great Western Resources Inc., (GWRI), a Houston-based natural resource company public on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). At the time of Mr. Peña's decision to retire, GWRI was operational in the US, the Gulf of Mexico, the UK and South America and had a public market capitalization of $450 million (approximately $1 billion today), with interests in coal, and oil and gas exploration and production, drilling and construction pipeline. At the time the company was acquired in January 1997, he was the biggest individual shareholder.

In an 8-year period, starting with only $820, Mr. Peña grew Great Western Resources to $450 million while energy prices collapsed, the price of oil dropped from $40 to less than $8 per barrel and more than 10,000 energy companies in the US alone went out of business. During this massive energy decline GWRI grew a phenomenal 55 million percent.

Prior to Mr. Peña's founding of GWRI, he was the Chairman of JPK Industries, Inc., a vertically integrated company in the petroleum industry, involved in oil and gas drilling, operating, production, crude oil refining and marketing. As cofounder he helped grow the company to $50,000,000 in three years. Prior to JPK Industries, he was with the investment banking firm of Bear Stearns and Co. where he advised clients throughout the US and internationally.

Subsequent to this tenure at Bear Stearns, he served as President and CEO of Kennedy Industries Inc., a company with major interests in real estate, insurance, financial services, and the entertainment industry. While in the entertainment business Kennedy Industries was involved in TV/movie production and investment. During this time various entertainers and actors were employed and, or engaged: Tony Curtis; Bob Goulet; Dolly Parton; Hoyt Axton; Bob Guccione; Dick Martin; Martin Landau; Karen Black; Peter O'Toole; Nick Nolte; Malcolm McDowell; Helen Mirren; John Gielgud; amongst others.

While still in graduate school, he was made a principal in a real estate firm and led the nation in sales.

Since leaving Wall Street and while building his own companies exponentially, Peña has successfully negotiated transactions with many multinationals, all BIG 4 accountancy firms, many major international financial institutions and law firms and several foreign governments. In addition, he has successfully transacted business with both the Church and Bank of England.

Dan Peña currently serves as Chairman of his personal holding and other growing companies in various industries in the US, Europe, Canada and Asia.

What is the one thing that you can do to boost your confidence?

My first days in radio were full of fear. Fear and lack of confidence made my voice to shake when I sit behind the microphone.

However, after many days of action, all my fears evaporated like spirit. I developed super confidence to do my job.

What brought the confidence? I became familiar with the environment and all the machines. The familiarity did kick the fears away.

You see, we tend to overlook what we are familiar with. The familiarity made me to destroy my inner perceptions that were fuelling the fear. In fact, the fear was only due to my perceptions.

Take away:

As people, we all have some fears. Most of the fears cannot be conquered by going to some seminars or workshops. In fact, they can only be destroyed through action. I mean, action, action, action!

The more you take action, the more you will discover that fears are only wrong imaginations. The more you take action, the more courageous you will be in your life. People tend to fear what they don’t know. However, if they move with courage and get closer to what they don’t know, they will discover that there is nothing to fear. Think about that and apply to your life!

Thursday, 15 November 2018

If procrastination is a habit, what must you do?

Our attitudes do become habits. When something is a habit, it becomes difficult to end it. Similarly, most people do find it hard to stop procrastination because it has become a habit.

Well, one truth is this, habits can be changed if actions are taken. The first thing required is a mental shift.

You see, the human mind is like a super incubator or amplify. It does amplify what we think about simultaneously. For example, if someone offends you and you think about it for a very long time. The results will be great hatred for the person. This great hatred can lead to actions that are not worth.

If the said is true, then, to shift mindsets from procrastination there is a need to change the thought patterns that leads to procrastination.

Think about this: supposing you live in US and you decide to relocate to UK, you will need a mental shift with regards to how people in UK drive. Shifting your mind and learning about how people drive in UK will help you to ignore how people drive in US.

Similarly, in life you will need mental a shift to enable you progress if you are a procrastinator. The mental shift you will need is this: move from being a procrastinator to an action taker. I mean you need to be a doer.

Being a man or woman of action is not cheap. It is not for the faint-hearted people. However, that is the best and only way forward in life.

The secret is: do, do, do, do, do, no matter how unwilling you may feel.

You may not be having the desire to wake up from bed, yet, you need to wake up and act. You may not want to confront your circumstances, yet you must. There is nothing that is better than taking action in life. Taking action is the king. It is the queen. Take action!

Finally, you need to remember that life is more about faith than feeling. So, learning to handle our emotions that push us to procrastinate will help us to become great achievers.
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Why do many people fail to take risks?

Do you know why many people do not like to take risks?

Well, if you do not know, then here are few reasons.

Very many people do not like to take risks because of past failures. They failed in an action yesterday and do think that they will fail again in their next step or steps. This makes them to do less.

The second reason why many do not like to take risks is THE FEAR OF HARD WORK. Hard work scares them. Instead of working hard for what they badly, they will prefer to remain in their comfort zones. What they forget is that, comfort zones are not comfortable.

Not willing to work hard for what they want is not wanting to sacrifice. Have you ever seen any freedom without sacrifice?

Success, greatness, progress and better life are not possible without sacrifice. So, embracing the will to sacrifice is the key to risk-taking.

A person willing to sacrifice can take risks for obtaining what they need and want.

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Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Have you defined your life?

Do you want Revive your confidence?

People’s confidence can be weakened or die when it is not used, or when they find themselves in a wrong environment.
Think about a lion trained like a domestic animal. That lion cannot act like a wild lion.

Well, like muscle, confidence can be built. The best method is to exercise it by taking regular and wise risks.

Another thing that can help is change of environment. For example, if your friends do not have confidence, you need to get friends who are confident. The simple reason is, energy is transferable. The more energetic your friends are, the more energised you will become.

Well if you are interested in taking a personality test, then check this:

You may ask, but why do I need confidence? The response is, without self confidence in life you will be left behind. In fact, you will be dominated instead of you having dominion. So, get confidence and you will go far in life.

Who are your friends?

There is a Ghanaian proverb that says, “show me your friend and I will predict your character.”

Well, how far you can go in life will depend on whom you associate with. Note, when Eve got the fruit, she did not eat it alone.

Good companions can help you to go far in the right direction, whereas bad companions will lead you to the opposite direction. Bad companions can let your goals shift.

I knew a man who was drunkard and wanted to stop. He did all he can but could not stop because of his friends. Someone advised him to change location and he did. In fact, that ended that habit.

Wrong companions can derail you if you move with them. So, if your friends are not helping you to get to where you want to be, you need to advise yourself.

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Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Do you know why you often loose in your trades?

These are the 7 common mistakes newbies make and take a loss:

 1- buying high selling low

2- panic selling

3- trading without any strategy

4- following the knobs for trading


6- putting all eggs in one basket

7- no rest

These are some common and big mistakes most of the crypto traders are making which is leading them to a big loss of not just the money but health too!

Trading isn't easy when you ain't know nothing about it. You must know the basics and also ”there is no shortcut of getting rich”. All of you must work hard first, learn yourself, have good confidence in yourself before putting your life savings in this volatile and unpredictable market!

Have a good day.

  By Samuel Adu Yeboah

Mr Samuel Adu-Yeboah (Goala Nissi) is a young entrepreneur and a crypto boom expert who started his network marketing career in the year 2013. He then became an exchanger and had his own exchanging website, GOALABIZEXCHANGE. Having 3 years experience in cryptocurrency exchange and trading. He is the CEO of the now best investment opportunity (ECRYPTOPAY) for both network marketers, investors and all passive earners. (FOUNDER)
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Monday, 12 November 2018

Are you positioning yourself?

Being broke can break you into pieces. Being rich can help you to reach out to many.

Dr. S. Kennedy Agyei Takyi

The power of positioning yourself

I was in Milan a few days ago to buy some yams. Well, if you do not know what yams are, they are big sized tubers like potatoes. Although, their weight ranges, I big yam will weigh about 2 kilos or more.

Well, at the market, I bought 8 tubers of yams for 45 euros. However, if I were to buy the same quantity of yams in Ghana, they will cost me about 15 euros equivalent.

What brought this change in price is the positioning. Positioning of the yams from Ghana to Italy brought the increase.

You see, positioning of things, products can make worthless things to be valuable. It can also make valuable things worthless.

Branding is positioning. Adding value to things, yourself  or others are positioning. Procrastination is positioning. Learning a high income skill is positioning. All that we do are part of positioning ourselves for something or somewhere.

I repeat, whatever you are doing is part of positioning. In fact, it is either positioning for the best or for the versa. Think about that!

I believe that you came here to read this because you are in the process of positioning yourself for more progress.

Well, if that is true, then there is something you need to do right now.

Take two sheets of papers. On one paper write down where you want to be in the next few days, weeks, months and years. Then, on the other write down things that will impede your progress and try hard to deal with them before they deal with you by hindering you to be where you are going.

Next, get up and get into the right environment. I mean, you need to get into relationship with people who are heading to where you are. This is part of the cost of positioning yourself. Act fast and act now!

Have you heard about the elephant and the hen?

All the animals said,

“The Hen eats too much.”

Many years ago, in a deep forest lived an elephant. One morning, this elephant woke up and started to rant all over.

Woooooooooooooo wooooooooooo

I am the biggest in this forest.

Woooooooo woooooooooooo wooooooo

I have strength more than any animal.

Wooooooooo woooooooooooooo wooooooo

I can eat more than any animal in the forest.

This went on and on and on for many days.

A lioness gathered other lions and surrounded the elephant. They told her, to shut up else they will eat her up.

The elephant fearfully began to weep.

Hiiiiiiiiiihiiiiiiiiii hiiiii hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii and was sorrowful.

Seeing the tears of the elephant, the lions did not hurt her. They warned her not to brag in the forest again.

The next day, a hen went to the lion. The hen told the lion that it can eat 24 hours a day. So, it can eat more than the bragging elephant.

The lion and the lioness laughed, haahaaaahaaaaahaaaaaaaaahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Why are you laughing? The hen asked the lion.

Buuut, you are a tiny little bird, the lion said.

Hmm, yes, my lord, I know I am tiny. Yet, what am telling you is the truth. I want you to organise an eating contest for me and the elephantid, the hen added!

Ooooooooook hen, the lion roared. I will call the elephant and fix a competition.

The lion called all the animals in the forest and told them about the hen.

On hearing this, the forest was bombed with laughter from all the animals like earthquake.

Hooooooo hoooooooo, heeeeeeeeeeee, heeeeeeeeeheeeeeeeeee, hiiiiiiiiihiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, haaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaheeeeeeehuuuuuuuu huuuuuuuuuuuuuu, is the hen mad, most of the added?

When the laughter was calmed, the lion announced the date of the contest. He then, told the parrot to be the referee of the occasion.

After the announcement, all the animals went to their homes with the saying: is the hen mad?

When the day of the contest came, all the animals gathered to see what will happen.

They took the hen and the elephant to a farm full hay and grains, and the parrot whistled for the two to eat.

The hen and elephant ate and ate and ate till midday. By midday the elephant was already full and thirsty. The elephant requested for water and a rest.

After drinking, they both went to lie down under a tree. Whilst they were resting, then hen saw some ants passing by. The hen immediately jumped and ate all the ants.

The elephant was surprised! The elephant then asked, “hen, are you still hungry?”

Then hen jumped with laughter and said, “have you forgotten what I told you?” I can eat more than you, the hen added.

Woooooooooooooooo woooooooooooooo wooooooooooooooooo, the elephant called the parrot in haste. The elephant said to the parrot: “parrot, please tell everyone that, hen eats more than me.

The parrot called king lion and told him what has happened. King lion announced to all the animals that hen eats more than the elephant.

Upon hearing this, all the animals roared with laughter and doubt. They all went to their homes with the saying: THE HEN EATS TOO MUCH.

The cock was very happy with the victory and promised from that day that he will always crow to remember the hen’s victory over the elephant.

So, when you hear a cock crowing, it is an appreciation to the hen.

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Thursday, 8 November 2018

Do you know the reason why you must shine?

Jesus Christ said in the synoptic gospel said, there is no one that will light a lamp and hide it. Well, this truth does mean that you have good potentials in you that you must let the world see.

Footballers and all sports people do what they do with the intention that someone will watch them. Greater percentage of all that we are doing in life are for the sake of others. So, if what you have does not benefit others, the rewards you will have will be little. Think about that and offer value to the world.

If you agree, then you need not to fear using your potentials. You need to display your God given gifts like the sun, stars and moon.

Do not be scared to shine or soar. You are here for that. Why should you not shine? Arise and shine, because it is your time to do so! You are awesome and useful. Go and be highly useful!
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Friday, 19 October 2018

He tells the finished vision from the start #1

Hi all,
Feel like you missed God's vision for you life, or are searching for His plan? Or wondering what the next age has for you?
In Exodus 3: 7-8 when Moses is standing before the Lord at the burning bush, the Lord says this: "...I have come down to deliver them out of the hand of the Egyptians, and to bring them up out of that land to a good land and a large land, to a land flowing with milk and honey."
And in Exodus 4: 30-31 we read: "And Aaron spoke all the words of the Lord that He had said to Moses, and did the signs in front of the people. And the people believed when they heard the Lord had visited the children of Israel...and they bowed and worshiped the Lord." 
But not a single one of them save Joshua and Caleb, saw that land flowing with milk and honey. Did God lie, or can we miss Him to such a degree we never see the promises?
What we have here is a failure to communicate - or do we?
Notice that in telling Moses He would bring them into the land of milk and honey, the Lord was sharing the highest and best and most appealing aspects of His plan. He didn't fill in the details about the walk through the desert. He didn't describe the fact they'd have to conquer the people who lived there. He gave the vision in completion, the mature and finished result - a land flowing with milk and honey. That vision was to sustain them. 
In Genesis 12 over 400 years earlier, we see the Lord did the same thing with Abraham. In verse 1-3 we are told this: "The Lord had said to Abraham, 'Get out of your home country and away from your father's family, to a land I will show you. And I will make of you a great nation and I will bless you, and make your name great, and you will be a blessing. And I will bless those who bless you, and curse those who curse you, and in you all the families of the earth will be blessed."
What a great promise! 
He laid out the complete and mature vision, the end result of a best case scenario. And of course Abraham starts walking. If you look at it on a map it is a distance of over 1,000 miles (1609km). But when he gets to where God wants him, 12: 7 says, "And the Lord appeared to Abraham and said, 'To your seed I will give this land." You've arrived Abraham. Put down roots!
And we are told Abraham built an altar to the Lord right there, followed by taking a walk around his new country. While he was still surveying the land v10 says: And there was a famine in the land, and Abraham went down to Egypt to stay there because the famine was so bad in his land." 
Having a famine in the land isn't necessarily a sign you missed God. But you may have to change plans to adapt to the famine, and come back to the vision later - as Abraham after some years returned to the land.
Do you see a pattern developing?
The Lord will always tell us the finished product, the mature vision, the complete plan in a best case scenario. He will always leave out the details of what it will take for us to see that vision come to pass. He might let you know it will be difficult, but He rarely fills in the blanks in any real detail. After all, we walk by faith, not by sight. 
Even the apostle Paul experienced this. When he is retelling his testimony to King Agrippa in Acts 26: 15-19 he says this: "I am Jesus whom you are persecuting. I have appeared to you for this purpose, to make you a servant and witness both of these things you have seen, and to things about which I will appear to you later. Delivering you from the people (Jews) and from the Gentiles, unto whom now I send you." 
The Lord spoke of great things 
I'm appearing to you now, and I'll appear to you later with more information. I'll deliver you from the people and send you to the Gentiles. Wow that sounds amazing. But let us read what Paul went through to see that vision come to pass, from II Corinthians 11: 24-27: 
"Of the Jews I've received 5 times, 39 stripes (195 stripes across the back in 5 separate beatings). Three times beaten with rods. (Custom of taking a cane and beating the bottoms of the feet). Once stoned (to death according to Acts 14: 19-20, which most believe he was caught up into heaven/Paradise as per II Corinthians 12). 
Three times shipwrecked, a night and day floating in the ocean...and he goes on to talk of betrayals, peril of robbers, weariness, fatigue, fasting, in cold and not having enough clothes to stay warm, plus the emotional toll of care for people.
We do know the Lord told Ananias in Acts 9: 16 the Lord was going to tell Paul some of the things he would suffer if he accepted the call on his life - but if the pattern fits, the Lord didn't fill in a lot of details.
Do you think Peter knew when the Lord told him that He would make him a fisher of men, that he would one day die a martyr's death? He wasn't told that until John 21: 18-19. At that point he knew too much, was in too deep. Did he know when he left his fishing business in Luke 5: 9-11 that he was leaving it to die a martyr's death? Fishers of men sounds so meek and mild and noble and - just nice. By the way, you're going to die by crucifixion when you're older, people taking you where you don't want to go - still feel like being a fisher of men? 
You are normal
I can't think of anyone who has hit the mark perfectly all their lives. Abraham decided to 'help' God by producing Ishmael with Hagar, and look at the mess he left the world with as a result. He is the father of our faith, yet look at him. Moses never got to see the Promised Land. Jonah got swallowed up, Elijah hid in a cave, John the Baptist asked if Jesus was really Messiah or should they keep looking, Peter denied the Lord 3x, and on it goes. 
Don't lose sight of the simple fact that you and I are already in eternity. We look at things God has told us and don't see them come to pass, and mark our mortality on a calendar wondering what went wrong, or continuing to repent of sins long since forgiven. We forget we are already in eternity, already living forever. 
What doesn't happen in this life, can come to pass in the next age - in fact I think many things He says to us He intends to be for years or decades after this body has died. Our life Jeremiah says, is life in this age is like our breath we can see on a cold morning. That is the Lord's perspective, so He is invested in us for the long haul. 
There is a lot of prophecy in the Old Testament that won't be fulfilled until the next age, so why is it so hard to believe something He tells us today will be fulfilled in 50 or 100 of 200 years? His Word will not return void, but will accomplish what He said. Look beyond the life in this body, and realize you're already in eternity. 
In this way the pressure if you will, is on Him, not on us. If God ever gives you something and you think, 'I can do that', then it isn't God. If it were, you'd take glory in it yourself and could stand before Him saying 'Look what I did for you all on my own!'. That's not going to happen. The vision that is TOO big, TOO glorious - that is God's vision. The one which requires miracles to come to pass.
Miracles? Yes, like a way too old woman and man having a baby. Like a stuttering guy who requires his brother to speak for him and has this wooden staff that does miracles. Like an apostle who had people bring their sick lest even his shadow should pass over them, or a man who had pieces of cloth he had touched heal people. If you can do it yourself, it isn't God. If you will need miracles to see the vision completed, it may be God, that the glory is of Him, not of us. 
More next it works, the decisions we have to make, and what about all that lost time? 
Until then, blessings,
John Fenn

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

How to easly to obtain success everyday

The two types of success you should know

There are two types of success.

1.   Productive success

2.   Unproductive success

We are all successful. However, some success is desired and valuable, and others are not.

Productive success is a well desired success and it adds value to your life and the life of others. It is a success that brings great relief and happiness.

On the other hand, unproductive success does not bring any value. If it does, such value will short live and may bring sadness.

To be productively successful, one must unlearn the old ways and give way to the new with great focus on constant action. This action must be simultaneous. This means you must watch how you use your time.
There is nothing like time management. What people call time management is self management. Note, you cannot manage time, but you can manage yourself. It is how you manage yourself that will matter in the long run.

                          Don’t play with laws

No success is possible without respect to some laws. You may call it principles, regulations. If you know the laws of somethings and you follow them, things will work for you. However, doing the contrary will invite shame.

Laws are the anchors on which things function. The planets in space are functioning because there are laws holding them. Neglecting laws is an invitation of failure. In fact, some countries fail because they do not respect laws.

To understand how powerful laws are, look at what happened to Jesus. He came to sacrifice himself because Adam and Eve disobeyed a law. Think about that!

Now, here is one law of success to keep in mind that will help you.


Sunday, 23 September 2018

Positioning yourself for better progress

Whatever you are doing, keep it in mind that you are negotiating and positioning yourself.

We can position and negotiate for the best or for the worst.

Whenever we talk about positioning, what comes to my mind are carnivorous animals. They know how to position themselves and patiently wait for what they want. Think about eagles and lions.

Like these animals, we need and must constantly position ourselves for progress by constantly being our best. This means, we must make sure to hinder anything that will prevent us from positioning. These can be habits like procrastination, laziness, unwillingness, doubt, people and more.

You see, being with the wrong people can be a great hindrance to progress. Eagles are not supposed to move with chickens. If you see that, it does mean something is wrong. Wrong people can create bad environment for you and prevent you from excelling. Go with the right people in life

                                       The power of narrowing

In school, we did learn many subjects when we started. However, these subjects were reduced to enable us focus on one area. I call this narrowing.

Narrowing does help us to focus on the essentials and the important. Narrowing is the power that can help us to achieve much. It can help us to avoid lots of distractions and solve many problems. Without narrowing, it will be difficult to achieve your highest potentials. Marriage is an act of narrowing. A man who goes after lots of women will mess up his life. Think about that.

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Friday, 14 September 2018

Your talents have power. Do not undervalue them

Talent is an asset. If you have talents, it means you have great opportunities. Though you may not value your talent so much, somebody does, and envies it.

Talent is a seed. It is a seed of greatness. It may look small initially, but it has greatness and capabilities in it. As you cannot judge how great the tree will be by looking at the seed, so can you not be able to judge how great a talent can be.
Hear this; what you do not value will leave you. This means, if you do not value your talent, you cannot benefit from it.  I started out to write as a poet. However, along the line, I did see that what was in me was more than poetry. Poetry was the beginning; however, as I began to water the talent I saw it unfolding into something I never dreamt of. When King David was a young boy, nobody ever thought that he will one day become the king of Israel. When Joseph, the son Jacob told his brothers about his dream they never believed.

What I know is, often times many people do look at their crippling issues and allow it to kill their brighter future—please, do not do that.  Do not allow today to deceive you that tomorrow will not come. Tomorrow will sure come and it will come with good, so prepare for it now.

The vision and the talents that you have, have the capacity of taking you forward, so be positive. Every tree does begin small, and then grow. Give your talents the chance to grow and you will also grow and posses a great future.

A preacher once said; success is a product of who we are and how we are. It means the best formula for obtaining a better tomorrow is to develop ourselves and move on. The truth is we cannot obtain success outside ourselves. This means it will always come from us. However, for it to come, we need to know our potentials and use them.

 Below listed are what your talents can bring if you water them.

1.    Air traffic controllers
Median Annual salary (2017):  $124,540.00

Education Required:  Associate’s degree
2. Transportation, storage, and distribution managers

Median Annual salary (2017):  $92,460.00

Education Required:  High school diploma or equivalent
3. First-line supervisors of police and detectives

 Median annual salary (2017):  $87,910.00
Education Required:  High school diploma or equivalent
4. Radiation therapists
Median Annual Wage (2017):  $80,570.00
Education Required:  Associate’s degree
5. Nuclear technicians
Median Annual Wage (2017):  $80,370.00
Education Required:  Associate’s degree
6. Detectives and criminal investigators
Median Annual Wage (2017):  $79,970.00
Education Required:  High school diploma or equivalent
7. Media and communication equipment workers, all other
Median Annual Wage (2017):  $79,500.00
Education Required:  High school diploma or equivalent
8. Elevator installers and repairers
Median Annual Wage (2017):  $79,480.00
Education Required:  High school diploma or equivalent
9. Commercial pilots
Median Annual Wage (2017):  $78,740.00
Education Required:  High school diploma or equivalent
10. Electrical and electronics repairers, powerhouse, substation, and relay
Median Annual Wage (2017):  $78,410.00
Education Required:  Postsecondary non degree award
11. Funeral service managers ($78,040.00, Associate’s degree)
12. Power plant operators ($77,180.00, High school diploma or equivalent)
13. First-line supervisors of firefighting and prevention workers ($76,170.00, Postsecondary non degree award)
14. Nuclear medicine technologists ($75,660.00, Associate’s degree)
15. Dental hygienists ($74,070.00, Associate’s degree)
16. Ship engineers ($73,110.00, Postsecondary non degree award)
17. Transportation inspectors ($72,140.00, High school diploma or equivalent)
18. First-line supervisors of non-retail sales workers ($71,650.00, High school diploma or equivalent)
19. Diagnostic medical sonographers ($71,410.00, Associate’s degree)
20. Captains, mates, and pilots of water vessels ($70,920.00, Postsecondary non degree award)
21. Transit and railroad police ($70,280.00, High school diploma or equivalent)
22. Registered nurses ($70,000.00, Associate’s degree)
23. Magnetic resonance imaging technologists ($69,930.00, Associate’s degree)
24. Electrical power-line installers and repairers ($69,380.00, High school diploma or equivalent)
25. Signal and track switch repairers ($68,400.00, High school diploma or equivalent)
26. Web developers ($67,990.00, Associate’s degree)

Monday, 3 September 2018

Do you have interest in people? I mean, you, you

If you want the best in a thing, you need to develop an interest in the thing. The truth is you cannot attract what you are not interested in. Farmers who always obtain the best harvests are those who have great interest in their seeds and farm. In fact, to lack interest in a thing is to repel the thing from you—who you do not love will avoid you.

Leaders who want the best from their people have great interest in them. Besides, they make sure to invest in them. Parents who want the best from their children have great interest in them. This interest makes the children too to love the parents. One truth is this, “where your interest is, your heart and attention will be there.”

I remember when I was in high school and it was time to choose my subjects for my final year examinations. My father advised me to choose subjects that I am interested in. I obeyed and chose the subjects of my interest. I devoted my time to study them, because I was interested in them. My interest in the subjects did help me.

If showing interest in a subject can  make the subject to open up its horizons to us, then I think that showing love and interest in people can let them also to love us and be nice to us.  To love people and become kind to them makes them to also respond in kindness to us. Some may respond immediately, others may take time. However, it is true that showing interest in people can make us win their affection.  This is public relations secret.   
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Friday, 13 July 2018

Amazons affiliate: High Commissions products

When it comes to affiliate marketing, the desire is to earn money for promoting products of others. Some affiliates commissions are high whilst others are low.

Aside, there are High Ticket affiliates where one can earn good some of money.

Although, Amazon affiliates are not high tickets, yet, there are some products that can earn you lots of money due to their prices.

Some of the items that can earn you good some of money are the following.

  1. High end watches and ....

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2. These are some of the high end books from Amazon.

There so  many books in the world. Each book has its price. The first time  I saw the book of Dan Pena, I did say to myself.....hmm. However, when I got a copy of the book and started reading, I did understand why the book is highly priced.

Well, if you are interested in knowing some hidden secrets of the wealthy, then you can check the books below.

3. Mobile phones



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