Tuesday, 17 April 2018

  Achieving what we desire

Although we cannot have all that we desire; it is also true that it is hard to get what we do not desire.
Desire is a propellant. It goes with purpose.
Wherever you see the word desire, please do replace it with “hunger and thirst”. So, the question is, how hungry arte you for what you desire?
To achieve what we desire, we need to work for it. If we desire heaven, we must hunger and thirsty for it. Without that one will fall along the line. My personal observations and research in life has shown me that many people are very good at talking and never do well when it comes to action. This is one the great reasons why many fail their promises and loose focus off their goals and target.
As people, we need to design what we desire, and desire what we design. If we desire what we design, it means we will be forever willing to follow it to the end—see its materialization. Almost there, but never there is a life of catching winds. And, the truth is our hands were not made to catch winds, but stuff. So, we need to be serious like mad hungry lion and catch the good things we desire. Lets us be catchers of the good desires and our lives will be glorious.

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