Thursday, 12 April 2018

Do not trade costly things for less

Trading costly things for a lesser price or for nothing is a sad thing. Many people often trade their salvation for nothing without knowing.

Recently, I listened to a message from one of my favourite African preachers (Dr Mensah Otabil). In the message, he talked about a woman who bought things at a higher price and traded them for less, and did not know why she had a loss.

As I listened to the message, I began to laugh, but within me were tears. The truth is, very many people do make similar mistakes in life every day without knowing it.  Think about the people you know who have great potentials but are trading their potentials out there for peanuts. Think about the people who have entrepreneurship skills, and are supposed to be having their companies, but have allowed their circumstances to land them into jobs they hate.

The truth is, if you earn less after putting in much or more, it implies that something is wrong. Look, a good trade is a fair trade. In such a situation, there is no cheating. Dear, trading precious things for nothing or something less is unjust. Yet lots of people do it everyday.

My continent Africa does this everyday—they trade their precious things for pennies every time—is this trading?
My dear, life is like trading. We do exchange oxygen for carbon dioxide; we do exchange smiles. If you give someone a smile and the person returns with frowning, you need to be wise.

Look, I cannot trade my carbon dioxide for carbon mono oxide; I cannot trade my health for sickness.
We are all negotiating and trading. Whatever we are doing is a form of trading, and before we trade anything of ours, we need to first ask if the thing we are trading our treasure for is worth and valuable—all shiny things are not gold and diamond.

What I mean is, trading to loose is not a good trading. If you experience such, the best thing is  advice yourself.
In your trading, it is always better to trade with those who believe in win-win and not those who believe in hit-and-run.
People who believe in hit and run are not faithful people. They are manipulators and exploiters. Such people will never think good of you or see good in you. Should they see any good in you, they will do whatever to take away that good from you.
To me, such are toxic and destroyers. The question is, should I stay closer to toxic people? My answer is vehemently, no.

The man Abraham did walk with his nephew Lot for years. However, at as point, the old man saw the relationship to be toxic.
As a man of peace, he called Lot and told him that they need to share what God has given to them and part, to enable peace flow. They did, and that ended the constant quarrels.

You see Abraham was a man of God. As a man of God he wanted peace and not pieces. This made him to take the right decision—he was not willing to trade his peace for pieces.

My question is, what are your values and treasure? Beware of them, know them, and trade them for good things. Do not compromise or trade your precious treasure for nothing. The truth is, to do that is to march your treasure under your feet.
Don’t trade your talents, wisdom, knowledge and potentials for nothing. Trade them for good and great things with all commitment, and you will soon enjoy.

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