Thursday, 12 April 2018

Don’t ever accept society’s definition of you

One thing about some people is they will try to define you the moment they see you. The truth is, nobody can define you, because we are beings, not been—we are on the street of becoming—what we become will depend on our choices.

Over the years, I have learnt not to define myself by my failures and mistakes or allow someone to define me. The truth is, accepting most of these definitions can end us to become mediocre.
Look, one truth that I know is, even I myself have no idea of who I will become tomorrow. So, this makes me to constantly move on, though I do fail in many areas. The only person that can define us is the one that knows us better than ourselves—God. God’s definition alone is the right definition (Genesis 1 vs. 26).

To accept people’s definition of you is to accept deceit. In fact, the greatest liars that I have come to know are the mass. Look, the fact that somebody knows my mum, dad, when I was born and where I was born does not mean that the person knows me very well. Such knowledge is a tiny fraction of me. When the Lord Jesus Christ was on the earth, very many people gave their definitions of Him. However, most of the definitions were wrong. Only a few had a glimpse of who He is. For example, the definition that Apostle Peter gave in Matthew 16 was correct.

There is something about you that you may not be aware of. That is, inside you are treasures that are more than the treasure you can find in or on the earth. Think about the buildings, cars, technologies and etc. that you see—they are came from the inside of human beings. The surprising truth is, we can mine all the gold within the earth, but we cannot finish mining what is in your mind till you die.
This makes me to remember a story about an elephant and a hen. One day, an argument rose among them. It was about who eats the most out of the two. When the two saw that, the argument was not ending, they decided to prove. The next day, they went and ate, and ate and came home. Whilst they were relaxing at home, the hen saw an insect passing and it caught it and ate. The elephant, asked; “but hen, upon all these food we ate today, are you not ok?”
The hen responded to the elephant and said; “but, I told you that I can eat more than you.” The elephant agreed that the hen is the greatest eater.

What I want to say is, though we are small as compared to the earth, we are awesome because of this brain in us. Inside it,  is the ability to create, multiply, dominate and do wonders. So, never under rate yourself or allow fear or the past to hinder you from acting.
You are awesome and loaded with the potentials of the Omnipotent and Mighty—so inside you are might and great potentials, because every child looks like the parent in many ways.  So, please, do not accept people’s definition of you. To accept such definitions is to live a limited and unfulfilled life.
Look, people live according to their understanding. If a person’s understanding is narrow, so will the person live. So, if you accept any narrow minded person’s definition of you, you will end up living a part of you, not the full you. Such living is like living in a pit instead of living in glory.
You see, my personal notice in life is this: there are lots of wrong definitions in life, but people have accepted such definitions. Now, if lots of definitions are wrong, it implies that people can define you wrongly. Now, if you accept such a definition, what it will do is, it will become a belief and finally control your life. So, my suggestion is, refuse many of the definitions people have given to you and accept that of Gods’ that you can find in the bible and you will move from greatness to greatness. This is a song, I framed many years ago, read it before we continue please.
What God has said about me
Is what am thinking about
Not what they say
Not what they think
Am beyond any wildest human imagination
Only God, only God knows my end from the beginning.

My dear, how awesome we are is incomparable to the stars, sun, moon and the angels (that is why angels minister to us). The creations of God around us are our servants. They were created to help us accomplish our ultimate purpose in life. Have you seen the reason why we need to serve God and glorify Him, through Jesus at his footstool (on earth)?

Many years ago as the bible told us, the Angel of God came to Gideon to tell him an assignment God has for him. Gideon saw himself little by looking at his past. But, the angel of God told him to go in the might he has. In fact, Gideon went and made it greatly. What I mean to say is, you are also awesome, so go in this might without fearing your past or the future, because you have greatness in you to do that which you are supposed to do. Kindly look at the following scriptures and let it dwell in you richly. Amen.

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