Tuesday, 17 April 2018

      I know who you are

I do not know where you are, where you were born. I do not know what your circumstances are. However, I know who you are.
You are a manager, director, leader and governor created by God to glorify Him. So, seek to be that and do that.
Where you are now is not mine great concern, because it is about to change. My great concern is where you are going or want to go. This is because if you know who you are, you can, and will change where you are. You will transform your environment and circumstances.
Life is full of ups and downs; and each person has his or her own. These are life’s challenges. They will always come and go. What you need to know and do is to be a person that believes in constant change.
Constant change is a must. You need to daily improve your life: who you are and what you do. Dear, it is the power of constant change that makes you to see new things in the market or shops every day. It is this power that makes people to be constantly creative and sharpen their creativity. Life is changing and many things also ought to change in your life.
Dear, your life is very important and precious; and nothing can in this world substitute that life. If God says that I should die now, no one can change that. This means that you having life and health are a great opportunity. REJOICE OVER THAT. With you having health, life, peace and God, if you strive a bit you will make it.
To achieve success or significance has nothing to do with your colour, gender, structure or stature. Believe me; I have seen a person without hands from birth doing greater things. Think about that.
Believe that you can, and you will. You will achieve that height and smile. Be realistic, and believe that you are great in God. Claim the promises of God and stand on it and it will be well.

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