Sunday, 29 April 2018

The unknown benefits of palm tree and palm oil

Palm tree is one of the greatest amongst all the trees we know. A palm tree has many benefits beyond measure.
Palm tree is the only tree that can produce two types of oils: red palm oil and palm kernel.
Aside that, here are the benefits of a palm tree:

  • Roots: The roots of palm tree are used to cure impotency in Africa. Chewing washed roots of palm tree with salt can make men to last long in bed.
  • The leaves can be used as mosquitoes coil.
  • The stalk in the leaves are used as broom.
  • The new shoots of the leaves are used to help women who are about to give birth.
  • Palm wine can be obtained from palm tree.
  • Palm kernel is a great antibiotic, and can be used to cure chronic ear disease.
  • When a palm tree is cut down and the wine is tapped, after few months the tree will produce mushroom.
Well, the above are just few of the benefits of a palm tree. You can do more research to find out more. However, here is a link that may tell you more about the benefits of red-palm-oil.

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