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Tips for Achievers

Seeing the outcome from the start

4 times 4 is equal to sixteen. In fact, if you want 16 to be your result, you already know which numbers to bring together to give you 16. Similarly, to succeed in life does not require much thinking. What is required is ?Common sense?. This is the reason why even those who did not get to college could become millionaires.
In fact, it is not the book-long that matters. It is applying the common wisdom at hand as the ants do to save their lives from hunger in winter that is important?we do not need all knowledge to live a better life.
Acting in anyway without first having full or partial knowledge of the out come can be disastrous in life. Although it is good to risk, our risks must be calculable and intelligent ones.
I have seen people who do spend more money than they earn; and, because of this, they are always in debt. Most of such people do end up thinking that it is their organizations that is not paying them enough. For people with such attitudes, no amount of money will be enough. In fact, if you give them a million today, do not be surprised that the money will be finished by the end of that same month. Besides, the sad story is, they will not be able to tell you what they exactly did with all the money. One of the reason for this is they do fail to plan, budget and balance needs and wants with the income at hand. This means, they did refuse to see the outcome from the beginning.
Not seeing an outcome of a thing from the beginning does not bring progress?it leads to accidents. In fact, it is like acting without thinking.
I know that none of us want to do things and regret. So, let?s always see the end from the start even if it is not all that clear to our eyes. Remember, before an airplane flies from Milan to Accra, Ghana, it always makes sure that the end is in order. If there is any problem at its destination, it will not take off. The common sense to help us succeed daily is all within our reach. Let?s use them. 
 The bedrocks
A.   You have greatness in you
This is true, and let me give you few simple proofs to clear all doubts that are in your mind regarding what I am saying.
The first reason is, you and I survived out of nine million sperms to become who we are in life. Secondly, one thing to know and note is that, it is the greatness in us that makes us to grow and do and great things bigger than our physical bodies.
The other reason is, it is this greatness in us that makes us to grow old with time, and makes the body to give up and we fly into eternity. The greatness in us is like yeast in bread. It influences the body to grow; and at a certain time, when growth cannot take place again, that greatness begins to weaken the body in its desire to move on to higher grounds, thus old age sets in.
Part of this greatness in us is the spirit of creativity. This spirit is that which makes us to imagine, create and recreate. When this spirit gives us ideas, we need to act on it. If we refuse, the results will be sadness and regrets. So, we need to live the greatness in us. Beyond this, life will be empty.
 ?After inner growth, the next thing required is outer growth (create and do great things beyond imaginations).?
To stop creating things is to stop being.?
                                        Live this life that you have
If power or authority is given to you and you refuse to use it, that power will eventually be wasted and become worthless.
I use to be a good player of football when I was young. Playing the game, I had lots of injuries that scared me from playing football again. Today, I do not know how to kick a ball.
In life there are many people who are supposed to be players, but most of them have become spectators because of one reason or the other. By becoming spectators instead players, many have lost their skills through resting and warming benches. In fact, there is more joy and gain in playing than watching. One truth is, players are there to gain, and spectators are there to loose?loose their money thereby making players rich.
My friend, being a player pays much for the body and financially. So, it is better to join the players instead of joining the spectators of life. Whatever thing that wants to prevent you from playing should be discarded. This is because, there are bumps everywhere. We can get wounded in the air, in the waters, at home and on the field. There is no escape. So, please encourage yourself and be out there to play instead of hiding or dodging.
Dear, your life is an opportunity. It is an opportunity to play greatly and skilfully. Refusing to play where you ought to play is giving your authority away. In fact, it is like making mockery of your potential.
I have seen lots of people who have failed in life because they gave their authority and opportunity away through trusting and over dependence on others. This ought not to be so. Look, your dream was given to you and you only?that is why nobody sees it, but you. It was given to you to make it a reality; and no one can make it more real than you. So, you need to use all the available resources, encourage yourself and go ahead to materialise that good dream in you. Please, do not try to leave it into other people?s hands. If you do, the dream may not live, and the results will be a great regret.
So, dear, use the available resources and live this life. In fact, you have many resources available and can still get more. Think about your experiences, knowledge, preparation, people, time, space, etc. All of them are available resources that exist for you. Think also of other resources that are available and use them to live this life in your hand now.                                         
B.   Be yourself     
Being ourselves is the best key for helping us to achieve our dreams. Not being ourselves can make us to be derailed or follow others, including joneses.
When I was young, I did many things because my friends were doing it. I did it because of friends. This is wrong. I was not myself. If I was myself, I would not have gone in to do things I never have understanding on.
Today, the influence of society makes people to do things they are not interesting in. Very many people do things because they have seen our society do them.
Another thing I have noticed is that, lots of people do go in to do things because of interest in people. For example, I have seen young people wanting to go into nursing, because the person they love is a nurse. Along the line, some of these people had the light and became themselves and ended up as Doctors and Engineers instead of nurses.
The bitter truth is, following people to do things without checking within us can make us end up badly in life. This can make us to do things we have no strength and interest in and end up regretting at last. Sometime ago, someone suggested that I should marry a certain lady. The person repeated this over and over to persuade me, but I declined the suggestion. What the person never knew is, what he love is not what I love.
To help us to be good achievers in life, we need to have constant self-check questions and answer them sincerely. Not doing this can make us to bury our dreams and follow something else and regret later.
                                                    C.  Take care of your vehicle
I had my first car in 2006. After using the car for sometime I had an accident that destroyed the car. Few months later, I decided to throw the car away and buy a new one.
As human beings, we have a body. This body is the one we are to use all the days of our lives on earth. It is not replaceable and it is not changeable as I did to my old car. This means that our body should be cared of with all care.
If we obtain everything in this life, but do not have health, what will be the purpose of the wealth? So, as people who want to achieve great things in life, we need to constantly remember to keep our bodies pure from bad and negative things of this life.
We also, need to make sure to be in relationship with our creator through Jesus the Saviour and ask for help and strength. Aside this, we must constantly mind what we eat, because there are lots of foodless food and poisonous foods around that seems good, but are toxic to our bodies.
We were created to live and enjoy. However, this is a choice we all need to make. To enable us to make good choices in life, God has given us conscience and those who have gone before us. Their helps are available. For example, we can gain lots of living wisdom from the books of book (the bible) and live better.
The truth is, you can make it in life, but as you strive to do this, do your best to take care of your physical and spiritual life and you will have greater peace, not pieces.
                                                  D.  Take challenges
 ?To refuse to take great challenges and leaps is settling for the less.?
?If challenges do not come our way, it will be hard for us to see God?s glory.?
?He that does not take risks will never know how strong he is.?
?If what we do is not bringing us satisfaction, then that thing is empty. It is better to take challenges and have satisfaction than not to.?
My dear, always try to encourage yourself to take challenges that stretches you. Taking great challenges and striving to materialise them in life, does bring great relief, freedom and excitement at last. Taking up great challenges and fulfilling them helps us to know how strong we are in life. Besides, it builds us to take other great challenges in the future. Think about the examinations you once took. Some of them were tough, yet you studied hard and passed. The teacher who brought the questions did test to see how stronger you are prepared after periods of learning.
My personal research reveals that, many people who retired from the military did not sit down to relax. They rather went in for greater things. Think about Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump and the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). I believe that, it was the discipline they obtained in the service that has help to propel them into the places they are today.
Not taking risks and challenges will surely make us to settle for lesser things in life. Besides, doing such will also not make us to see or know how strong we are in life. Think about women. They do take up the challenge of getting pregnant to have babies though they know that it entails lots of pains and inconveniences. Though they know that it is painful, knowing that the pains will bring forth a human into the world makes them to do that with joy and ease, though it is not easy. In fact, the satisfactions of having their own babies boost them to take the challenges and leap.
When we were little, there were many things we thought were unattainable. Now, we do laugh at ourselves, because we have attained beyond these things.
The truth is, most of the things we know we can do, but have failed to do them because we think we cannot do them are not done, because of our own mindsets. If we make our minds, prepare ourselves and take the leap, we would discover that we were only kidding ourselves. So, let us remain us dreamers; instead we should move on to become actors of our dreams in all wisdom and there will be great joy, soon.

E.    Prefer to have bigger ?no? instead of smaller ?no?; and prefer bigger ?yes? to smaller ?yes?
I want to my bank to seek for a loan and they gave the loan to me. In fact, I requested little because I was bit shaky. What I later got to know was that, if I had asked for a bigger loan, they would have given it to me because I was more than qualified.
Often times in life, many of us do ask for little instead of asking for big. This attitude has reduced many Kings to Princes and many Princes to Servants.  Look, if you want to eat, eat what you want and to your satisfaction. To sit down to eat and eat little is similar as not eating at all.
There is one thing I have seen in life. It is that, that created us to create things bigger than our bodies. That is the reason why you are seeing the big things around you. Another truth is, no matter how big a thing is, it cannot be bigger than you. Inside you and me is a great spirit and soul that is bigger than what the eyes can see.  That bigger you in you is the spark of God who created the wonderful universe.
My dear, it is what we ask that we often obtain in life. If you think good, what you are doing is you are asking for good. It is also making agreement with nature to help you with good. If you act goodly and Godly, that is what you are asking. My request is, in your entire good asking, try and ask for greater and bigger things and you would obtain them as God will for us is for good.
 F.    I f you want help, try and lift heavier and bigger loads
There are lot of help available in life for you and me. Though it is available for everyone, not everyone can have it or obtain it. The truth is, help is often for those that need it most. It is like medicine; it is made for those who need some strength or aid in one area of their body. So, to get help one must fulfil the conditions required for obtaining help.
One day whilst travelling, I met a lady who was dragging two heavy bags on the ground to enter into a train which was about to depart. Looking at her, I discovered that she needed a helping hand, and I volunteered to help her out of the hurdles. This lady had bags that she was carrying, but had no strength to do it conveniently and met me who have lots of strength, and got help from me. In fact, my strength did the work without pain.
Very often in life, lots of people do abandon their dreams because they think that the dream is too big to handle. What we often fail to remember is, providence always comes before vision; and, that is the reason why the word provision came by. For example, before creating Adam and Eve, God made sure to provide all their needs before their existence. This means that before a vision comes to you, most of that which you will need to fulfil the vision does exist somewhere?all that is required is to seek and search to obtain it by knocking and asking.
  Another thing we often forget is, though we are small in stature, God created us to manage this world and create things bigger than the sizes of our bodies. Look around you and you would see the mighty things that mankind have done using their abilities and strengths.
 If you go to the nearby forest in your area, you will find that on the strong trees are plants in the form of rope and thread. The secret is these tiny plants had vision of growing tall and becoming great. Their vision was to get to the top; however they lack the ability to stand up. Instead of crawling, these plants devised a strategy?affiliating to the stronger trees.
Knowing that they have not got the strength, these plants positioned themselves among the stronger plants, and these stronger plants helped them to get the top. In fact, some of these plants are taller than the plants that helped them.
 This is a lesson to us as people. The lesson is, to achieve some of our great dreams; it is good to position ourselves among the good, the right and strong people. If we do this, we will get help that will help us to achieve our wildest dreams. For example, if you are poor and desire to be rich; the best thing to do is to get some friends that are rich, and the will help you. To do this is simple?the best requirements are good character and humility.
Look, if for example you are financially poor and have friends who are rich, these people will help shape your thoughts and worldview, and programme you for higher achievements. If for example, you have friends who are stronger than you and you intend doing something greater, these friends will give you a helping hand. For example, if your desire is to do a business, some of them will give you the financial contacts and all the needed advice to help you to get to where you want to go.
The plain truth is, we are all where we are because of helps and would be where we want to be because of it. So, do not be afraid to move on to higher heights. Do it, and when you get to the point where you need help, you will get it if you sincerely seek for help.
                                                  G.   Know the right and good
 To achieve our dreams, goals, we need to know the good and the right from the wrong and the bad. By good and right, I mean our decisions, choices and implementation must be good and right. In fact, not being aware of this, though we do know it does make many to miss lots out of life.
Look, not all good things are right for us in life. For example, in creation, God created all things and saw that they were good. However, not all the good things are right for us as people. In fact, when Adam and Eve ate that which was not right, they lost their inheritance. A right thing in my own opinion comes from combining lots of good together?good plus good plus good.
To achieve our dreams in life, we need to follow not only the good way. Succeeding in life require us to follow the good and the right way. For example, if you have fever and you go in to take any type of medicine, the results will be negative. In fact, not following the right path leads to wrong destinations and makes people to waste time and resources. For example, there are lots of religions today; and the truth is most of them do not point to heaven, because they do not know the way.
You see, not knowing or being aware of the right and good have fuelled lots of confusion in our world today destroying many societies. Think about the same sex philosophies; though it is accepted by some people, it is in no way good nor right as nature is concern. The truth is, if a man stays with a man for 100 years, they can never have a baby. In fact, it is like putting two positive wires of electricity to generate power?it does now work?natural law does not permit such.
Have ever wondered why people go in for counselling and consultancies. The truth is, most do it to enable them separate the right from good. You see, knowing the right from the good can help you to have good priorities and help you to focus and become a great achiever. Not knowing the right from the good can make you to be Jack of all trades. Such does not help. So, to achieve your dreams, always try and know the good and right and choose the right.
 Chapter B
Placing your order in life
Before placing an order anywhere, you need to define what you want in accordance with your financial strength. Whatever order we make in life, we often do it based on our need or needs.
This world can be likened to a standard restaurant where we go to eat. In a restaurant, what we do is to place our order, then sit back to wait for the food to get prepared. Whilst waiting for the food, the waiters do usually bring us something little to eat or drink?this could be water and a piece of bread or something else.
What this teaches me is, for most of us, before we can get to where we are going, we will make some transits. For example, before His real ministry, Jesus did serve as a carpenter. Another example is Joseph, the son of Jacob?he served others and went to prison before getting to where God has programmed for him. Finally, think about Jacob and Moses, both served their in laws before their real ministry in life.  These times in the lives of the above people were periods of transition. It is like going to Ghana from Italy via KLM; I will have to go through Amsterdam.
The truth is, all of us cannot arrive at our lives purpose at once. For many of us there will be lots of transits. For others too, there may be only a transit. In fact, these are the times that many do often give up. The reasons why many do give up are many. However, I do think that it is lack of patience and persistence that causes this.
Dear, after placing your order in a restaurant, you will need patience to wait. One thing that some people need to understand is, foods vary; so, some food will cook earlier than others. I mean, the process of cooking one food will differ from another, so great patience is required. Patience is required; because it is very easy to think otherwise and give up when you notice that others whom came late were served before you. The truth is, what we want and how we want it does influence when to obtain what we want, so be patient and wait, else you will abandon what you need when it is almost close to you.
My suggestion is, after putting your order in life, be patient, be positive, be persistent, be purposeful and prayerful.
?Persistence is the best key for persuading the universe to give you way into the future.?
  Create the world you want to live in
We are the creators of our world that we live in. I use to work for an industrial roofing company some years ago. One day, I did a self assessment of my life and decided to quit from the job. After sending in my resignation letter, the owners of the company tried using money to make me change my mind, but I did not.
The truth is, the world we create is that which we will live in, and not those of others. For example, if I make wrong decisions and choices in life, I am the one to live with the results and not anyone. Also, if the choices I make are good, I will be the best person to enjoy them. Dear, if your life is better or not, the best person to identify with it is you. To avoid making life bitter, our good words need to be put into action. This means that we need to create action plans for our words and pursue them until they materialise. This is what will help us to become great achievers and not talkers only.
The road to manifestation of dreams is not smooth at all, because there are lots of impediments. This means we will face lots of resistance. The best way to breakthrough is to build ourselves to become tough and rugged like armies going to war. It is only through toughness and wisdom that we can persist, persevere and become conquerors.
Most often in life, we do lots of talk, and act little. My observation does reveal that many people do say things without meaning what they say. The truth is, such a thing does not lead to progress?the only way to progress is to mean what we say by moving on into action. If you do find yourself in this category, let me give you an idea that will help you.
1. Have you ever been angry before?
Yes or   No? Please provide the answer on a sheet of paper.
 2. What made you angry?
Please list your reasons down:
 3. After getting angry, what did you do?
 Your reasons for getting angry could be bad or good. Whatever they are, one thing to note is that, it was the reasons that made you angry?the reasons triggered you into doing what you did after getting angry.
What I want to say is, reasons are great helpers if we want to become achievers of our dreams. Reasons are great motivators and fuel for achievement. What reasons do is, they awaken our emotions and make us to move. In fact, they have the power to make us break down all limiting barriers and arrive at our desired destinations. Reasons can charge both our positive and negative emotions. To explain it better, let me give you an example using people who travel from Libya to Europe by boat.
These young men and ladies do go through lots of hell to travel to Libya which is their transit country. After staying in Libya for sometime to gather money, they then make a move through the troublesome sea to Europe.
The question is, what makes them to go through lots of hell because of arrival in Europe? The answer is, their propelling reasons are bigger and stronger than the barriers. So, these reasons do charge them to be in action without thinking of fear or hurdles.
So, to enable you achieve your dreams, you need to write down the dreams clearly on a sheet of paper. After doing that, you need to write down the compelling and the powerful reasons why you want what you want. After this step, try to daily read your dreams and read the reasons why you want them to become real. Doing this everyday, will awaken your positive emotions and help propel you to break down all limiting barriers and make your dreams to become a reality.
I have used this method to help myself to achieve many dreams and I believe that it will help you too?it works.
?To achieve most of your impossible dreams, try fuelling your emotions through constant visualisation of the reasons why you want what you want.?
This idea is very helpful in times of doubts that may want you to quit and in times hurdles along the way. Think about someone like Paul Apostle, he went through dangers and tough times to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ because he had stronger reasons that motivated him. One of his reasons was the crown of glory in heaven awaiting him. Like Paul, if we keep the bigger picture in mind and make it our point of view, no discouragement or barrier can stop us from achieving our goals or dreams.

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