Saturday, 5 May 2018

Awake o great giants

When the dawn is down to you
Do not be down and make the dawn sad.
Down, not down in bed
I mean, down in courage to face the new day.

Awake O courageous one
Your diamond is here
Pick it pick it
Where is the diamond, you may ask
The new day is your diamond
Intangible diamond indeed
And your goals are your gold.

Good day brave one!

The success of Africa is not in forming UNITED STATES OF AFRICA, nor in the  discovery of many minerals. If Africa want to have real success, what its people ought to do is go back to the ten commandments OF GOD. Loving our neighbour as ourselves is what aFRICA NEED. If one loves his or her neighbour, she or he will not covet nor harm the person.  Africans, we need to love our fellow human beings.

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