Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Do you know the power of being yourself ?

Very many people do not know who they are and whose they are. This ignorance makes them to behave like the prodigal son. Well, if you are one of the princes and princesses’ walking on the ground, then the good news is, the time to start riding on your horses has come.

People who do not know who and whose they are suffer from identity crises. In fact, they linger around instead of going on. They do join the Joneses’ instead of joining the Josephs’. The sad thing is, some of them do go to the extent of joining Judas’ instead of joining Jesus. An example of such was Sampson; not knowing who he really was made him to do little compare to what he existed to do. Another example of such is Esau; he sold his birthright because of bread.

Most of these people tend to oil the without, but deep within they live in pits (self pity). Well, if you know someone like this, then here is good news for you to share with that friend.
The good news is, the creator of the universe created mankind in his own image to show forth His glorious glory by being like Him in deeds and beyond. So, you are God’s –therefore emulate God and learn from God and godly people. This will help you to come to understand who and whose you are. When this is done, you will no more seek to be something or someone else—you will seek to be yourself and you only.
Look, not seeking to be you leads to bitterness. It also leads to envy, jealousy and evil. In fact, living to be like another person is not living well and right—it is living wrongly and miserably. When the children of Israel chose to have kings as the other nations, what resulted after few years was that lost of many tribes.
Friend, if you refuse to be you, then who do you expect to be you? Similarly, if you reject that great dream and seek to fulfill someone’s, who will fulfill yours?
Life is not only about eating; it is beyond that—fulfilling your rightful purposes— serving others with what you have in sincerity and faithfulness. In fact, if you leave this without people remembering you for your good and great cause, it means you lived only to yourself and that is a tragedy.
If Jesus used His righteousness to save mankind, then you too need to use what you have to advance others into fulfilling their purpose and destiny.
To do this, you must be yourself. Look, Jesus Christ knew who He was at 12— knowing who He was made Him to always be Himself. Remember, He rebuked Peter, when Peter was trying to hinder Him from going to the cross. This is because He knew Himself and was Himself. 
To fulfill our purposes in life, we need to be like Elisha—when God called him, he focused and did not waiver like the sons of the prophets. Also, we need to be like Daniel—faithfulness to our personality, God and men at all times. 
Be yourself, and you will uncover, discover and recover much in life. There is more about you that you do not know and you will soon know if you seek to be yourself, know yourself and fulfill that purposes deposited in your heart by God.

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