Thursday, 24 May 2018

Ultimate thought provoking Quotes Of Agyei Takyi

  •  What we constantly affirm has power to shape our destination. God told Joshua to meditate upon the word, day and night and also make sure it does not depart out of His mouth. 
  • Affirmation can be divided into two; confession with our mouth and self talk (inner conversation). 
  • In order to face the future well, we must leave yesterday by and live in this day with great response. 
  • Self esteem cannot come closer to self-acceptance. 
  •  To accept your self is the key to overcome most of your worries. 
  • Don’t ignore the power of voice; even if it is silent. Remember, people live what they confess within them daily.  
  • You cannot become what you don’t confess because it has no influence over you. 
  • Our faith is propelled greatly by our inner confession (meditation).
  •  If we can take time to develop ourselves, we will discover unknown potentials in us.
  •  You cannot be poor, if your mind is enriched. 
  • There is no result without process. 
  • One of the purposes of today is to help us pursue tomorrow together. Don’t ignore its efforts for you. Arise and shine; for yesterday is gone forever.  
  • Doing our best, helps in being our best. 
  • The greatest product of love is life. When a man and a woman love each other and join together, a child eventually comes out of it—life. When we love God and serve Him, the result is eternity-life. For He so loved the world, gave His only begotten son, that whoever believes in Him will inherit eternal life. 
  • Two sad things about Africans are, we do refuse to learn from history, and ignore knowledge in most actions.
  •  To refuse to learn from history is to do yourself harm.  
  • Accepting realties in life brings freedom. Not accepting reality inflicts pain.
    Being alone brings emptiness and loneliness. 
  • Foolishness fails people.
  • God created man and woman to teach us how He loves us and how we ought to love Him. 

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