Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Do you have interest in your talents?

The bible makes it clear that two cannot walk together except they agree. Today, people go into professions they hate and dislike because they want to make a living. Are we here to make a living or we are to be our best and do our best?
To be in such a condition, and yet think that you want to excel will not be possible. This is because without unity, there can never be progress. People who are in jobs they hate cannot be creative nor recreate. In fact what they are doing is they are passing out time.
If two cannot walk together except they agree, then, people who are in jobs that they hate will end up killing the job; or the job will kill them before their due time.
Dear, what I want to tell you is that interest matters a lot. If you are passionate about something, you can do the thing without feeling weak or tired even when you are supposed to. However, if you are not passionate, 8 hours may seem as millions of years to you. If you agree with this, then my suggestion is to go far in life we need to choose and do something we have interest in, not just anything

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