Sunday, 6 May 2018


After a careful observation and sober reflection of our individual, community and natiinal life over a reasonable length of time, I have come to the following conclusion :

Our worship of God in Ghana is not real, else we would not soak the nation He has entrusted to us to manage, nurture, and develop, in such chaotic, embarassing filth, land degradation nor destroy our water bodies that facilitates healthy life.

We cannot claim to honour a God of progress yet treat the country He has given us oversight and responsibility over, shabbily, and handle it irresponsible, recklessly, and with such careless abandon.

We are a bunch of HYPOCRITES trooping to and filling places of divine worship pretenciously to imbibe progressive values churned out in the form of preaching and teachings, but unwilling to live them. Bluntly speaking, we have hardened our hearts in determination to live adversely.

God commands us to be honest yet GH worshippers loot State, Church and Employer's resources, evade paying right taxes necessary for our collective advancement, under-invoice and over-invoice, cheat with dishonest scales, engage in examination malpractice and fraudulently acquire academic qualifications, forge documents, manipulate wills of the dead to the peril of orphans and widows, do illegal electricity and water connections, receive pay for undone work, and politicians deceive constituents and peddle falsehood about opponents.

We keep making sacred confessions of total surrender to the authority of the God of Love yet have no compassion, empathy nor consideration for one another. We lie to and deceive one another including our true location, care less about the needy living but rush hypocritically to support dead bodies. Yes step parents maltreat their non-biological children, employers do same to workers including house helps, and so do governments to the citizenry. Husband and wife snatching is now commonplace, and so too is sex for grades and jobs. After, we lift up dirty hands to worship God.

Ghana claims to be a God-fearing nation but we are heavily into "Chobo", "Wagadrill", Kanana", "419", "Sakawa", "Kwaseabuo", "Show me rhe way and I cut you out", and  "Pull Him-Her Down".

Our loud shouts in worship to the God of all humanity will always be a fruitless venture if we place self-centred love of money and material things above human relationships.

We believe we have a rich relationship with God yet relationships of all kinds in Ghana are hypocritical, unreal, full of pretence and insincere.

It is time to revisit our reality GHANA, to do a comprehensive audit of our thoughts, lives and actions, and take serious steps towards a more sincere, honest and truly progressive life, virtues that depict the image and likeness of God.

May we all turn on a new leaf. Wake up Ghana!

Charles Sam, Golden Future Promotions

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