Tuesday, 15 May 2018

How to get what you desire in life

Most often in life, we do lots of talk, and act little. My observation does reveal that many people do say things without meaning what they say. The truth is, such a thing does not lead to progress—the only way to progress is to mean what we say by moving on into action. If you do find yourself in this category, let me give you an idea that will help you.
1. Have you ever been angry before?
Yes or No? Please provide the answer on a sheet of paper.

2. What made you angry?
Please list your reasons down.

3. After getting angry, what did you do?

Your reasons for getting angry could be bad or good. Whatever they are, one thing to note is that, it was the reasons that made you angry—the reasons triggered you into doing what you did after getting angry.
What I want to say is, reasons are great helpers if we want to become achievers of our dreams. Reasons are great motivators and fuel for achievement. What reasons do is, they awaken our emotions and make us to move. In fact, they have the power to make us break down all limiting barriers and arrive at our desired destinations. Reasons can charge both our positive and negative emotions. To explain it better, let me give you an example using people who travel from Libya to Europe by boat.
These young men and ladies do go through lots of hell to travel to Libya which is their transit country. After staying in Libya for sometime to gather money, they then make a move through the troublesome sea to Europe.
The question is, what makes them to go through lots of hell because of arrival in Europe? The answer is, their propelling reasons are bigger and stronger than the barriers. So, these reasons do charge them to be in action without thinking of fear or hurdles.
So, to enable you achieve your dreams, you need to write down the dreams clearly on a sheet of paper. After doing that, you need to write down the compelling and the powerful reasons why you want what you want. After this step, try to daily read your dreams and read the reasons why you want them to become real. Doing this everyday, will awaken your positive emotions and help propel you to break down all limiting barriers and make your dreams to become a reality.
I have used this method to help myself to achieve many dreams and I believe that it will help you too—it works.
“To achieve most of your impossible dreams, try fuelling your emotions through constant visualisation of the reasons why you want what you want.”

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