Wednesday, 9 May 2018

How to stretch yourself to achieve great results

One of the keys to success is to constantly stretch ourselves. Not willing to stretch ourselves leads to lack.
People who want knowledge do stretch their minds to obtain knowledge by learning and thinking. People who are into sports do daily stretch their bodies by exercising them to make them strong. The truth is, the best way to obtaining the best from anything is to stretch the thing. For example, if you want gold to shine, you need to polish it, if you want to your car to speed up, you need to press on the accelerator and make sure that it is in the right gear.
When we were in school, we did examinations upon examinations. The purposes of the examinations were to stretch us to think and bring out what are in our brains.
Stretching is what moves us beyond the status quo into different horizons. In fact, not stretching will make us to live in our comforting zones and achieve nothing—this is dangerous. Think about a bird that has feathers, but never used the feathers to fly—waste.
In order not to end up wasting our talents and precious gifts, we need to constantly stretch ourselves everyday. It is the key to obtaining the best and maximising our potentials. For example, if we are used to achieving 5 goals a day, we need to increase them to ten. At least, if we are not able to arrive at ten and we land at eight that is good—we can grow from there.
To stretch is to sow in tears. The truth is, the Holy Scriptures cannot be broken (John 10 vs. 35); those that sow in tears shall reap in joy (Psalm 126 vs. 5). Keep stretching if you want the best juice out of life.
Monkeys are animals that live on trees in the forest. To move from one tree to the other, what they do is, they do stretch themselves and jump. Similarly, if you are climbing a ladder, without stretching your body, you cannot move on to the next level. Stretching is part of the game, if we want to go higher, we need to remember this.
Besides the above, what I want to remind you is, if you want to stretch to higher grounds you will experience some bruises—it is normal. It is like someone standing by fire to cook—the person will feel some heat. What I want to say is stretching to succeed has some inconveniences. However, what we ought to remember is, the joys outweigh the inconveniences; so, the inconvenience should not stop us from stretching and get what we want.

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