Tuesday, 15 May 2018

One day at a time

There are many goals that we cannot achieve till we break them down. For example, I have in mind to write a book entitled “quotes from Africa.”
Although it is a goal that seems simple, it is not. In fact, it will take me more than a year or two to finish it. So, I do classify such a goal as a gradual goal—it is in between long term and short term goals.
This goal will require me to work constantly and gradual. The problem with such a goal is, without being focused something may knock the goal out of the way. To help me, what I have to do is to make it compulsory to write some few words everyday at a particular time. This is my best way out.
The truth is, eating a full cow in a day is impossible, however, we can still eat gradually and finish it if we preserve it in well to prevent it from getting rotten.

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