Saturday, 19 May 2018

Some of my best Quotes

  1. The best keys to connecting with people are willingness and selflessness.
  2. To be better in life will require us to beat down our limiting barriers.
  3. The greatest poisons and the fertilizers of our lives is our past.
  4. Any person that believes in only what he sees cannot be said to be a great person.
  5. Greatness in life comes through action, not words.
  6. Passion is one of the keys to commitment and responsibility.
  7. Having envy or jealousy towards someone does not bring any gain, but hurt. It does not make me to own the property of the person i envy or jealous.
  8. Without patience, it is very easy to refuse to persist on our dreams.
  9. Without people, no place or thing will ever be lively.
  10. If the road is not clear, no one will like to travel on it. The same thing is with vision. If your vision is not clear, you will not trust it not dare go on to achieve the vision.
  11. In life, always follow the narrow way---where the few are.
  12. If you can irritate the future with your purpose, the future will give you way to be fulfilled in life.
  13. Traveling a road that you do not know the end can lead to disaster.
  14. Time that does not profits our purpose is a wasted time.
  15. To predict most outcomes only require common sense.
  16. The truth is, nature does pay us for our actions. So, what are our actions?
  17. Knowledge boosts imagination, so increase your knowledge and your imagination will grow.
  18. To depend on salary is to limit yourself, however, to depend on profits and investments is increase abundance.
  19. Success does knock on our days daily. The reason why many miss it is because they do not have the drive to pay the price for it.
  20. To be your best in life, you must accept and love yourself.
  21. To achieve greatness we must focus on essentials.
  22. If you choose to imitate someone or be like him or her, you will miss your purpose.
When half a nation are illiterates and the literates are not groomed in the wisdom of knowledge, there will always be chaos.

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