Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Taking challenges will bring you luck

“To refuse to take great challenges and leaps is settling for the less.”
“If challenges do not come our way, it will be hard for us to see God’s glory.”
“He that does not take risks will never know how strong he is.”
“If what we do is not bringing us satisfaction, then that thing is empty. It is better to take challenges and have satisfaction than not to.”

My dear, always try to encourage yourself to take challenges that stretches you. Taking great challenges and striving to materialise them in life, does bring great relief, freedom and excitement at last. Taking up great challenges and fulfilling them helps us to know how strong we are in life. Besides, it builds us to take other great challenges in the future. Think about the examinations you once took. Some of them were tough, yet you studied hard and passed. The teacher who brought the questions did test to see how stronger you are prepared after periods of learning.
My personal research reveals that, many people who retired from the military did not sit down to relax. They rather went in for greater things.

Think about Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump and the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). I believe that, it was the discipline they obtained in the service that has help to propel them into the places they are today.
Not taking risks and challenges will surely make us to settle for lesser things in life. Besides, doing such will also not make us to see or know how strong we are in life. Think about women. They do take up the challenge of getting pregnant to have babies though they know that it entails lots of pains and inconveniences. Though they know that it is painful, knowing that the pains will bring forth a human into the world makes them to do that with joy and ease, though it is not easy. In fact, the satisfactions of having their own babies boost them to take the challenges and leap.
When we were little, there were many things we thought were unattainable. Now, we do laugh at ourselves, because we have attained beyond these things.

The truth is, most of the things we know we can do, but have failed to do them because we think we cannot do them are not done, because of our own mindsets. If we make our minds, prepare ourselves and take the leap, we would discover that we were only kidding ourselves. So, let us remain us dreamers; instead we should move on to become actors of our dreams in all wisdom and there will be great joy, soon.

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