Tuesday, 15 May 2018

The best way to succeed in life is to unite with yourself and others

People who do know how to dance will tell you that, to dance better, we need body coordination—it is very important so far as dancing is concerned. In fact, one cannot dance to a rhythm if the person does not know anything about body coordination or how to coordinate. Coordinating the body is the key to the harmony that is required in dancing.

I had a dream today. In the dream, I saw two people fighting. What I later saw was that, the two people who were fighting in the dream were identical. Whilst they were fighting, someone unknown came and told them not to fight, because they are one. The meaning of the dream is, I am fighting myself—I am not united. Can this bring progress, the answer is no. There is a need for unity if progress is desired.

To succeed in life requires unity—call it team work. To be united means to be organised. My mum once told me a story about the hand, leg, stomach, etc fighting over the work each does. She said, when the head which is the king saw that the fight was causing destruction, he as the leader decided to call all of them to settle the issue. After settling the issue, mama told me that dramatic progress came because of the unity among them.

In life we cannot do without the power of unity. To make progress, we need to unite within ourselves as one spirit and body. Without this circumstances will tear us away and we will not be happy. Besides this, we need to unite where ever we find ourselves. The truth is, no builder can build a city or a house alone. To build anything, we will need unity, so let us unite and build great things in life as people.

You see if you look at the word “me”, you can easily make it “we” by turning the “m” upside down. So, the call is, it is time to turn most of our “Me” to “we”. This is the best way forward. The Almighty God in his wisdom did thought of this and that was the reason why He created Eve for Adam and created the animals and the plants we see in families. To succeed, we need strong and great relationship with God and others. Let us unite and we be better and make our world better.

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