Tuesday, 15 May 2018

This is life--Inspiring story for children

A young business man one day lost all the goods he has imported because of a shipwreck. Soon after this, his wife and the only child died out sickness. After sitting down to analyse the situation, he decided to go and kill himself by throwing himself from a tree, because he thought that life has been unfair to him.

The following morning, he decided to go to a nearby forest to commit his planned suicide. He drove his car to the area, left the keys in the car and found a tree that he can climb to throw himself down. Since he cannot climb a tree with shoes, he decided to remove his shoes to enable him climb the tree. After that he went on and climbed the tree to the top.

Whilst he was about to throw himself down and die, he saw somebody coming towards the tree. Upon reaching the tree, the person said, “but, whose shoes are these: these are beautiful, I have never seen shoes like this. Well, let me look around and see, if it does not belong to anyone, I can use them to cover my naked feet since I have no shoes.”

The young man on the tree had a second thought after hearing the statement of the man, and said to himself, “so, where I am is somebodies dream.” Well, I will not kill myself again. I will go back and begin again; and I know that with the help of God I WILL FORGET ABOUT MY PRESENT SORROWS AND MISERIES SOON.

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