Thursday, 31 May 2018

Ultimate life changing Quotes of Agyei Takyi

  •  God before your goals. 
  • Life is free, but the future will come by paying a price. 
  • When you create a system, you must make sure to make the system work, else it won’t by itself. 
  • To hope in God, we first we need to trust Him.
  •  A plan is a system—if the goals for fulfilling the plan are not followed, the plan will fail. Follow your plans and don’t give up till the end. 
  • The world is shaped by our acts and words. 
  • If I refuse to walk and live right, the sun will reveal it; if not eternity will reveal it.
  •  Ignorance is an enemy of progress. 
  • Wisdom is the key to prudence. 
  • Prudence provides better things. 
  • God is my future, Jesus Christ is the bridge, and the Holy Spirit is my walking companion.
  •  If you want to know tomorrow, you need to know a little of today, and more of yesterday.
  •  The success secret of time is this: gradual but steady. 
  • FAITH IS RISK. Not wanting to risk indicates there is no faith.
  •  Generally in life, costs rises higher than salary. Let us not depend on salary alone. Invest!
  •  It takes foresight to see ahead. But, following the Joneses will prevent us. 
  • Wrong and bad counsels are like cancer. They can destroy more than war. 
  • Poverty is an enemy of mankind. Learning only from my own mistakes is foolishness. IT COSTS A LOT. 
  • The more informed we are in life and about life, the more progress we will make.  
  • Nothing destroys like ignorance. That is our greatest enemy. 
  • An ignorant person is a weak person. 
  • If making money is through physical strength only, labourers will be the wealthiest.  

    The truth is; who we listen to has the ability to shape our beliefs which go a long way to affect our destination in life. 
  • It is not what we have that makes us important.
  • It is using what we have to serve others that make us important. Hence living without serving what we have is better than not living.
  •  Betraying the trust of someone who trusted us is closing great doors of the future. 
  • Our achievements make us to become. 
  •  Not willing to sacrifice means not ready for the future. 
  • It does not require greatness to do great things. 
  • People cannot live above their understanding, knowledge and wisdom. So, help people to increase in knowledge, understanding and wisdom, and they will be changed and change their world. 
  • The church is a platform to usher people into the kingdom and at the same time help those in the kingdom get equipped to spread the kingdom and conquer the world for God. 
  • Our thinking patterns shape the world. 
  • We are all successful in one way or the other. The issue is, most of us do not strive for excellence. 
  • The greatness of a person will not be greatly noticed when he or she is here. It will be noticed when the person is gone from here. 
  • Listening to the voice of money makes many spenders rather than investors. This leads to lack.
  •  Your greatness will be measure by who and how you served; not by what you had in life. 
  • Failure or success will depend on what we did for humanity, not our self. 
  • Better life must begin with knowing and understanding.
  •  Understanding leads to outstanding.
  •  Life is short; only an old wise man knows this. 
  • Days, hours, minutes, seconds seem closer, yet in reality the distance between them is as from north to south. 

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