Thursday, 3 May 2018

Wisdom from Ghana

Don't forget people who gave you their flashlight in the darkest hour of your life. You have found your way but remember not to leave them in the dark. They gave you life, don't let them lose theirs. Don't let the great people you meet today overshadow those who gave up their joy in pursuit of a better life for you. Be careful how you treat them .Don't ever ask them to put a price tag on the help they gave you so you can pay them back. For a help given in your most vulnerable moment is priceless. Make peace with such people as soon as possible, if you have offended them. Remember that great rivers that disregard their tiny source run dry in no time. Look back, acknowledge and appreciate those who held your tiny hands, not those who shake your big hands today.


Seth Yaw Agyarko
Teacher & Entrepreneur

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