Tuesday, 15 May 2018

You have greatness in you beyond any imagination

This is true, and let me give you few simple proofs to clear all doubts that are in your mind regarding what I am saying.
The first reason is, you and I survived out of nine million sperms to become who we are in life. Secondly, one thing to know and note is that, it is the greatness in us that makes us to grow and do and great things bigger than our physical bodies.
The other reason is, it is this greatness in us that makes us to grow old with time, and makes the body to give up and we fly into eternity. The greatness in us is like yeast in bread. It influences the body to grow; and at a certain time, when growth cannot take place again, that greatness begins to weaken the body in its desire to move on to higher grounds, thus old age sets in.
Part of this greatness in us is the spirit of creativity. This spirit is that which makes us to imagine, create and recreate. When this spirit gives us ideas, we need to act on it. If we refuse, the results will be sadness and regrets. So, we need to live the greatness in us. Beyond this, life will be empty.

“After inner growth, the next thing required is outer growth (create and do great things beyond imaginations).”
“To stop creating is to stop being.”

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