Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Life transforming quotes of Agyei Takyi

  • A vision without knowledge is a blurred vision.
  • Be humble, yet do not bow to people, else they will walk on you.
  •  Am not a human be nor been. Am a human being.
  • Do more than you did yesterday. 
  • To have the wisdom of God, we must have the knowledge of God.  God told Joshua to meditate upon the Word day and night. God meant, Joshua should absorb Jesus into Him and it will be well with him. 
  • Those that know that they are real descents from God are really decent. 
  • When the road is clear, travelling on it will be smooth; if not, it will be hard. Have a clear road in life or make one before the journey to help you.
  •  Not all evil spirits are angels. Some evil spirits are human, because we too are spirits. He that does evil in life is an evil spirit. 
  •  Bad Braggers always end up in rags.  
  • Boasting does not boost anything. 
  • Lifeless life is living without contributing to life. 
  • Lifeless life is living without health. 
  • If your life is meaningless to you, then let me tell you that someone in hell wants a minute of that life to make his or her life better. 
  • Little is that which creates lots of the differences we see. 
  • When an English man says ‘good morning’ what he means is, ‘I wish you a good morning’. So, going on to say ‘I wish you a good day are all repetitions.’  
  • Around us are negative people than we think. Therefore motivate yourself daily.
  •  Vision is the boss. It is that which gives birth to mission; thereby enabling you to create goals.
  •  When life knocks you, don’t bent to it, only cry to release emotion.

    B 
  • Tomorrow is not mine; so, I live my life of today with great zeal, love and carefulness in wisdom. It is not titles that make us important or valuable. It is the good we give. Tomato is important because, it gives something valuable. This makes us spent money to buy it.
  •  Not doing what is expected, is giving circumstances chances to buffet us sooner or later.   To have control over life, you must know and understand life. 
  • Valueless thoughts are to think of myself only. Valuable thoughts are to think of others alongside myself. Even nature thinks about us and provide for us, so we need to think about ourselves. Without this we can get to anywhere in life. 
  • Once we can say 'I am' we need to always aim higher.
  •  Seeking to become a blessing unto others is the key to being blessed. The widow of Zarephath blessed Elijah and God blessed her. Peter gave his boat, and got abundance.  Wanting to dominate others and not things and circumstances, is witchcraft. 
  • One key to success is knowing how to succeed.
  • If you don’t know how to succeed you will fail. 
  • It is your life, live it. Don’t live someone’s, because no one will live yours. 
  • Getting to somewhere from nowhere is easy—knowledge and courage. 
  • Hold on that dream even when you are old. This will keep you on track. 
  • When life cheats on you, teach others about it, that life will not cheat on them too.
  •  Don’t allow the negative to rule your mind and you will go further than you ever thought.  Live in the world. Don’t put the world upon you. 
  • Calling is a great motivator. Calling propels passion.

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