Wednesday, 20 June 2018

The danger and power of negligence in life

Our world is in a mess and will continue to be because of human negligence.
In fact, the authority we have is destroying many as it had in times past. I mean, the authority to will, decide and choose. 

Look, plants have not got this authority. Not having this often makes them fulfilled than human. Our ability to will, decide and choose makes us to often play fouls where we are supposed not to. It makes us take things, circumstances and others for granted. Doing these often makes many to fail where they are not supposed to fail. It makes us to procrastinate and drag our feet where we are supposed to run or fly.

If you are a reader of the bible, you might have come across the name Judas Iscariot. You know, he was the one that betrayed Jesus even though he was warned of the consequences—that reveals how negligent men are.

Think also of Adam and Eve—they were warned ahead of time regarding the fruit they ate— Yet, negligence did not prevent them.
Negligence is an enemy of progress and promotion. It leads to danger, destruction, and hell. In fact, many people are suffering in Africa now because of the negligence of the leaders. —it is poor because many leaders who come to power do neglect duties and focus on the irrelevant.

If it is happening to nations, it means that many individuals are very negligent and there is a need for change. This calls for embracing truthfulness, more responsibilities and facing realistic challenges.
Life can be very great, if we avoid negligence. Please, consider this and you will see greatness in every area of your life soon.

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