Wednesday, 20 June 2018

The keys to becoming a winner and successful in your field

There is no land without valley or hill. There is no road that is completely smooth and without curves.
God created man in such a way that we cannot be manipulated or ruled by circumstances and situations. He or she should rather be the controller and governor.

You should not disturb yourself or hate yourself because of unnecessary things and situations. You should not allow what you see and hear to control you. You should not allow them to make you a nobody. You have to rather make them as nothing. This is because God has created you to be a king and governor over
what he has created.

My dear, you are important to God. This is what God told me sometime ago. If somebody thinks that you are not, that is that persons perceptions. 

My Pastor Paul Gbinu Ahialey gave me a key, and I will selflessly like to share it with you.

He said the key to success in life is driven by will—THE WILL TO WIN is the key to your goals success.
If you have the will to win, you will achieve all your written  goals. 
The Will to win, gives birth to hope, and builds vision for mission. It energizes you to set up goals and help you to achieve them in spite of all confrontations and odds.

If you have the will to win, you will not be worried about the weather and its storms. In fact, your worry will be what you have aimed at.
A person with the will to win does not see problems but solutions. Those who have not the will to win do see mistakes and faults .

In fact, the difference between a failure and a winner is that the winner has the will to win and the other has not. This makes the winner to try again, although something may go wrong.  

Friend, try to always project good thoughts in your mind and world without exaggeration.
Besides, do not allow self pity to keep you down. Self-pity is a killer of dreams and vision. It makes you to lament, comment and criticize instead planning ahead. When you cry tears will prevent you to see ahead.

Do not exaggerate  nor enlarge your problems. Exaggeration of problems and situations is not    a virtue, but a vice. If the little mosquito can do evil like killing a whole man, you can do greatly great good things in life.

Problems are progress in disguise. When Joshua, Caleb, David and Paul discovered this secret, nothing again became impossible to them, because they knew their God. 

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