Monday, 25 June 2018

The power of not belittling yourself

You are great. Your potentials are great. Do not undermine them. Instead, mine them and use them.
Many times I belittled myself, and that hindered my progress. I saw myself little, whilst many saw me great.

The truth is I never gave much value to myself and what was in me. Although I never saw what was in me, many around me saw it and told me. This made me to concentrate on discovering who I am, instead of following the joneses of life. Focusing my mind on discovering who I am made me to discover my route in life.

This discovery made me to develop myself. Developing myself made people to love my messages. Whenever I speak or counsel people, the response is always “wow”. Many people did ask me where my ideas come from. What these people never knew was, inside me was a well of water to help humanity that I never knew of, but God used some people to help me discover it. 

Are there not many people who had potentials but did not see it till God told them in the bible? Think about Gideon and Moses. The truth is, inside you may be ideas to help humanity, but you have ignored for a long time. If you are such, I am here to tell you that God is telling you to awake, arise and act. There is no time to start than today.

Lovely, I do not know where you are, however, I know where you are going. Where you are going is the land of success. I mean, you were born to win. You were born to succeed. You were not born to live a miserable life and die like a fly or grasshopper.

You have something special to offer that no one has. If you refuse to offer it, you will do harm to the world. As those messages, ideas come to you daily and timely, you need to arise and act. Do not think that they cannot be great or be of help—they will.

God wants your potentials to manifest. This could be preaching the gospel, establishing business from zero and...
Dear, do not belittle yourself and what you have. Arise and act and God will help you. Amen.

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