Monday, 25 June 2018

The power of patience and intelligence for greater achievements

Mina has been married for 5 years. However, the relationship between her and her husband was hell. She decided to go and seek a counsel from her wise father. When she went and told the father all her story, the father told her that there is something wrong with her and need to change if she wants a better life.

To teach her a lesson she will never forget, the father told her he will need a mountain goat as a payment for the advice he will give. She went home and thought about how to get a mountain goat for her father to help her salvage her marriage. After a week of thoughts, she came out with an idea. Her idea was to go and buy bags of grains, take some to the mountains-side, where these goats live and breed.
The following day, she went and bought her grains. Then, she collected some and went to the mountains to leave it there and come back home. The following day, she took some again and went there. Luckily, she discovered that her grains had been eaten. She therefore left those in her hands there and came back. As she fed these goats on and on, it came to a time that these goats got to know her, and will not run when they see her. Surprisingly, one day, these goats followed her home and she caged them all and took one to her father.

The father was surprised to see the goat and asked her to tell him how she did it. She narrated all that she did and won the goats. After her speech, the father told her to use the same wisdom and her husband will love her more than ever. He added that, what men need is respect and satisfaction—if you do these to any man, nothing will change his heart from loving you.
Mina took her father’s advice, went home and devised best ways she thought to satisfy her husband and their relationship became an extraordinary one.
If good treatment can bring wild animals home, then giving and being true and faithful can help us in all our relationships—business, family and social life.
 It is possible to relate to those many think are wayward. All that is required is   continual patience, persistence and intelligence. We all need love, and anyone that you devote your mind and heart to love will definitely love you in return in time. 

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