Monday, 25 June 2018

The power of paying the price for what you want and ,,,,

If we  something want we must be willing to pay a price for it. Everything in life comes along with a price tag. Not willing to pay a price for what we want means not wanting the thing. Truly, almost everybody wants success, but, not everybody wants to pay the price to obtain that success. Such a philosophy is contrary to logic and truth.

To want success and not wanting to pay a price for it is to fail.

One truth is most of us like to move in less resistant directions like water. This makes many lives to meander instead moving straight. Have you ever seen a river climbing mountains? Never will you see this. However, I know that you have seen water running down hills. This is how many people are—we want to always be on the slopes, dodge hurdles and likes. However, no matter how we dodge, we will still meet other barriers ones ahead. It implies that dodging is not the solution.

The solution is to face whatever we encounter and that will help us against those that we will meet tomorrow.

Sometime ago, my pastor introduced me to someone who wanted to continue his studies through distance courses. After several errands, we downloaded the admission forms and completed it. According to the instruction regarding the payment of the school fees, he was to pay it in three installments; 1500 Pounds at the beginning of the course, then, 2000 later in two installments. The question this person asked after looking at the cost again was this: where am I going to get this money to pay for my school fees? Within me I laughed, and said to myself, “what is this person trying to say?”

You see, the guy wanted education, but was not willing to pay a price to obtain it. Is it not how many of us behave every day? Recently, I went to God in prayer and told Him to help me to be more successful. Soon after the prayer, the answer I had was this: pay a price for what you want. God showed me where I was falling short.

You can  examine your life and see what is preventing you from reaching the Promised Land God has destined for you and make changes.

 The power of information

Every child starts life with curiosity and questions like “why”. What the child is searching for is knowledge, wisdom and how to do things. In short, the child wants to be informed about the world she or he lives in. So if you watch, what you will see is that, the child learns whatever he or she see others do.

You see, every child has this secret within him or her. This secret was deposited in every child by God. So, those that teaches their child the right things of life do help in making the child’s life successful. Those that teach them chaff help in making such a child’s life miserable—thus, they become useless adults.  
These tell me and you that we cannot do without good information. If we want success and prosperity, we need to seek information. Information about God, people, things, and life. Think about this and consider if it is stupid or wise.


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