Monday, 25 June 2018

How to be an overcomer of tough circumstances

It was one sunny afternoon, Johnny decided to go and see the wise man in their hometown regarding how to overcome poverty and become rich. The wise man told Johnny to come back the following day.  The following day Johnny came; and, the wise man told him that they should have a walk. 

They walked round the city without the man saying a word to Johnny. The man then began approaching a wall. When it was about few centimeters to the wall, the wise man used his palm to hold Johnny’s occiput and pretended as if he is pushing it against the wall, but Johnny stiffed his neck. Then, shouted, “Sir, are you killing me?”. The man stopped! 
He then, asked the wise man if he wanted to kill him because he wants an advice. The wise man told him this: I am not a murderer. I am teaching you a great lesson which would help you as you go in life.

He said, the way you resisted fast and intelligently, that is how you need to resist poverty. Without developing resistance against poverty, poverty will toss you around like chaff. Boy, he continued, I want you to be strong and alert in life to resist the pressures of life. This is the only way to freedom in life. This lesson is the only practical lesson I will give you. Let us go and I will give you a book on the rest of the lessons and you will prosper if only you are willing and courageous.
When they arrived at home, the wise man gave him a book entitled “THE ANCIENT ROAD TO SUCCESS”. Johnny thanked the wise man, then went home and applied all that he had learnt and became greatly successful.


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