Monday, 25 June 2018

Do you know the power of taking good initiatives constantly?

 This is the way to making great difference in life. Denying yourself from taking initiatives is denying yourself the way to success. All people that are wealthy or would-be wealthy are initiative takers. 
It does not matter whether you were born poor or you come from a broke home, you can prosper. In fact, with the power of initiatives you can succeed greatly.

The word “initiative” comes from the word “initiate” which simply means starting something using your mind and capability. Think about people like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and many of them. They were not born wealthy as they are today, however the power of initiatives took them to where they are now.

One thing I have noted in life is that, those that are bold and valiant almost and always succeed leaving their peers behind. The reason is simply because the bold are initiatives takers. They do not worry themselves with the question “And what if my initiative fails?” Their culture is, I will try—if it works, fine; if not, I will try again in a different way or try another thing. Most of the successful people that we call intelligent have boldness. Believe me, every person is intelligent enough to succeed, but not everyone that you see is bold and courageous enough to start something great.

To be wealthy, you need courage. Without it you cannot get to anywhere, because it takes fearlessness to succeed in life. I know very many people who are well-to-do in their lives. These people are not book-long like you and I, they have never set a foot in college, yet they are wealthy. Their secret is, they had an idea and acted upon the idea and heaven watered the idea for them with rain and blessings. Believe it or not heaven will definitely bless the efforts of people who act wisely and good (Genesis 1). 

 Many things that people do in fear often fail, because fear is an enemy of progress.  THIS IS NOT A THEORY—I AM SAYING IT FROM MY OWN EXPERIENCES. It takes courage for a man to tell a woman he loves her. It takes fearlessness for a woman to conceive and bear a child. It takes courage for the child to come out of the womb. It takes courage to thread the unthreaded lands. Lacking courage is enslaving you and killing yourself.

 Emancipate your mind and spirit from slavery. If you become a slave to fear and eradicate courage and initiatives, you cannot get to anywhere. So, better start eliminating fear from your life and replace it with boldness. Master fear, and befriend courage and you will see how brighter your future will soon be.

Dear, without courage all our good and great plans may remain on a paper or in your mind. It takes courage to be able to approach people and ask them for help when you need it desperately. It takes courage to initiate or act in any endeavor of life.
You can do this through prayer or through commanding yourself daily. Every morning and evening you can tell yourself this:  KENNEDY, BE BOLD, FEARLESS AND COURAGEOUS—AMEN.

Look, as David and Jacob spoke to their soul, you too can speak faith words to yourself. Besides, you need to write down all the passages in the bible that talks about fearlessness and read them daily till they get established in your mind and heart. 

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