Sunday, 23 September 2018

Positioning yourself for better progress

Whatever you are doing, keep it in mind that you are negotiating and positioning yourself.

We can position and negotiate for the best or for the worst.

Whenever we talk about positioning, what comes to my mind are carnivorous animals. They know how to position themselves and patiently wait for what they want. Think about eagles and lions.

Like these animals, we need and must constantly position ourselves for progress by constantly being our best. This means, we must make sure to hinder anything that will prevent us from positioning. These can be habits like procrastination, laziness, unwillingness, doubt, people and more.

You see, being with the wrong people can be a great hindrance to progress. Eagles are not supposed to move with chickens. If you see that, it does mean something is wrong. Wrong people can create bad environment for you and prevent you from excelling. Go with the right people in life

                                       The power of narrowing

In school, we did learn many subjects when we started. However, these subjects were reduced to enable us focus on one area. I call this narrowing.

Narrowing does help us to focus on the essentials and the important. Narrowing is the power that can help us to achieve much. It can help us to avoid lots of distractions and solve many problems. Without narrowing, it will be difficult to achieve your highest potentials. Marriage is an act of narrowing. A man who goes after lots of women will mess up his life. Think about that.

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Friday, 14 September 2018

Your talents have power. Do not undervalue them

Talent is an asset. If you have talents, it means you have great opportunities. Though you may not value your talent so much, somebody does, and envies it.

Talent is a seed. It is a seed of greatness. It may look small initially, but it has greatness and capabilities in it. As you cannot judge how great the tree will be by looking at the seed, so can you not be able to judge how great a talent can be.
Hear this; what you do not value will leave you. This means, if you do not value your talent, you cannot benefit from it.  I started out to write as a poet. However, along the line, I did see that what was in me was more than poetry. Poetry was the beginning; however, as I began to water the talent I saw it unfolding into something I never dreamt of. When King David was a young boy, nobody ever thought that he will one day become the king of Israel. When Joseph, the son Jacob told his brothers about his dream they never believed.

What I know is, often times many people do look at their crippling issues and allow it to kill their brighter future—please, do not do that.  Do not allow today to deceive you that tomorrow will not come. Tomorrow will sure come and it will come with good, so prepare for it now.

The vision and the talents that you have, have the capacity of taking you forward, so be positive. Every tree does begin small, and then grow. Give your talents the chance to grow and you will also grow and posses a great future.

A preacher once said; success is a product of who we are and how we are. It means the best formula for obtaining a better tomorrow is to develop ourselves and move on. The truth is we cannot obtain success outside ourselves. This means it will always come from us. However, for it to come, we need to know our potentials and use them.

 Below listed are what your talents can bring if you water them.

1.    Air traffic controllers
Median Annual salary (2017):  $124,540.00

Education Required:  Associate’s degree
2. Transportation, storage, and distribution managers

Median Annual salary (2017):  $92,460.00

Education Required:  High school diploma or equivalent
3. First-line supervisors of police and detectives

 Median annual salary (2017):  $87,910.00
Education Required:  High school diploma or equivalent
4. Radiation therapists
Median Annual Wage (2017):  $80,570.00
Education Required:  Associate’s degree
5. Nuclear technicians
Median Annual Wage (2017):  $80,370.00
Education Required:  Associate’s degree
6. Detectives and criminal investigators
Median Annual Wage (2017):  $79,970.00
Education Required:  High school diploma or equivalent
7. Media and communication equipment workers, all other
Median Annual Wage (2017):  $79,500.00
Education Required:  High school diploma or equivalent
8. Elevator installers and repairers
Median Annual Wage (2017):  $79,480.00
Education Required:  High school diploma or equivalent
9. Commercial pilots
Median Annual Wage (2017):  $78,740.00
Education Required:  High school diploma or equivalent
10. Electrical and electronics repairers, powerhouse, substation, and relay
Median Annual Wage (2017):  $78,410.00
Education Required:  Postsecondary non degree award
11. Funeral service managers ($78,040.00, Associate’s degree)
12. Power plant operators ($77,180.00, High school diploma or equivalent)
13. First-line supervisors of firefighting and prevention workers ($76,170.00, Postsecondary non degree award)
14. Nuclear medicine technologists ($75,660.00, Associate’s degree)
15. Dental hygienists ($74,070.00, Associate’s degree)
16. Ship engineers ($73,110.00, Postsecondary non degree award)
17. Transportation inspectors ($72,140.00, High school diploma or equivalent)
18. First-line supervisors of non-retail sales workers ($71,650.00, High school diploma or equivalent)
19. Diagnostic medical sonographers ($71,410.00, Associate’s degree)
20. Captains, mates, and pilots of water vessels ($70,920.00, Postsecondary non degree award)
21. Transit and railroad police ($70,280.00, High school diploma or equivalent)
22. Registered nurses ($70,000.00, Associate’s degree)
23. Magnetic resonance imaging technologists ($69,930.00, Associate’s degree)
24. Electrical power-line installers and repairers ($69,380.00, High school diploma or equivalent)
25. Signal and track switch repairers ($68,400.00, High school diploma or equivalent)
26. Web developers ($67,990.00, Associate’s degree)

Monday, 3 September 2018

Do you have interest in people? I mean, you, you

If you want the best in a thing, you need to develop an interest in the thing. The truth is you cannot attract what you are not interested in. Farmers who always obtain the best harvests are those who have great interest in their seeds and farm. In fact, to lack interest in a thing is to repel the thing from you—who you do not love will avoid you.

Leaders who want the best from their people have great interest in them. Besides, they make sure to invest in them. Parents who want the best from their children have great interest in them. This interest makes the children too to love the parents. One truth is this, “where your interest is, your heart and attention will be there.”

I remember when I was in high school and it was time to choose my subjects for my final year examinations. My father advised me to choose subjects that I am interested in. I obeyed and chose the subjects of my interest. I devoted my time to study them, because I was interested in them. My interest in the subjects did help me.

If showing interest in a subject can  make the subject to open up its horizons to us, then I think that showing love and interest in people can let them also to love us and be nice to us.  To love people and become kind to them makes them to also respond in kindness to us. Some may respond immediately, others may take time. However, it is true that showing interest in people can make us win their affection.  This is public relations secret.   
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