Sunday, 23 September 2018

Positioning yourself for better progress

Whatever you are doing, keep it in mind that you are negotiating and positioning yourself.

We can position and negotiate for the best or for the worst.

Whenever we talk about positioning, what comes to my mind are carnivorous animals. They know how to position themselves and patiently wait for what they want. Think about eagles and lions.

Like these animals, we need and must constantly position ourselves for progress by constantly being our best. This means, we must make sure to hinder anything that will prevent us from positioning. These can be habits like procrastination, laziness, unwillingness, doubt, people and more.

You see, being with the wrong people can be a great hindrance to progress. Eagles are not supposed to move with chickens. If you see that, it does mean something is wrong. Wrong people can create bad environment for you and prevent you from excelling. Go with the right people in life

                                       The power of narrowing

In school, we did learn many subjects when we started. However, these subjects were reduced to enable us focus on one area. I call this narrowing.

Narrowing does help us to focus on the essentials and the important. Narrowing is the power that can help us to achieve much. It can help us to avoid lots of distractions and solve many problems. Without narrowing, it will be difficult to achieve your highest potentials. Marriage is an act of narrowing. A man who goes after lots of women will mess up his life. Think about that.

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