Monday, 3 September 2018

Do you have interest in people? I mean, you, you

If you want the best in a thing, you need to develop an interest in the thing. The truth is you cannot attract what you are not interested in. Farmers who always obtain the best harvests are those who have great interest in their seeds and farm. In fact, to lack interest in a thing is to repel the thing from you—who you do not love will avoid you.

Leaders who want the best from their people have great interest in them. Besides, they make sure to invest in them. Parents who want the best from their children have great interest in them. This interest makes the children too to love the parents. One truth is this, “where your interest is, your heart and attention will be there.”

I remember when I was in high school and it was time to choose my subjects for my final year examinations. My father advised me to choose subjects that I am interested in. I obeyed and chose the subjects of my interest. I devoted my time to study them, because I was interested in them. My interest in the subjects did help me.

If showing interest in a subject can  make the subject to open up its horizons to us, then I think that showing love and interest in people can let them also to love us and be nice to us.  To love people and become kind to them makes them to also respond in kindness to us. Some may respond immediately, others may take time. However, it is true that showing interest in people can make us win their affection.  This is public relations secret.   
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