Tuesday, 9 October 2018

How to easly to obtain success everyday

The two types of success you should know

There are two types of success.

1.   Productive success

2.   Unproductive success

We are all successful. However, some success is desired and valuable, and others are not.

Productive success is a well desired success and it adds value to your life and the life of others. It is a success that brings great relief and happiness.

On the other hand, unproductive success does not bring any value. If it does, such value will short live and may bring sadness.

To be productively successful, one must unlearn the old ways and give way to the new with great focus on constant action. This action must be simultaneous. This means you must watch how you use your time.
There is nothing like time management. What people call time management is self management. Note, you cannot manage time, but you can manage yourself. It is how you manage yourself that will matter in the long run.

                          Don’t play with laws

No success is possible without respect to some laws. You may call it principles, regulations. If you know the laws of somethings and you follow them, things will work for you. However, doing the contrary will invite shame.

Laws are the anchors on which things function. The planets in space are functioning because there are laws holding them. Neglecting laws is an invitation of failure. In fact, some countries fail because they do not respect laws.

To understand how powerful laws are, look at what happened to Jesus. He came to sacrifice himself because Adam and Eve disobeyed a law. Think about that!

Now, here is one law of success to keep in mind that will help you.


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