Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Do you know why you often loose in your trades?

These are the 7 common mistakes newbies make and take a loss:

 1- buying high selling low

2- panic selling

3- trading without any strategy

4- following the knobs for trading


6- putting all eggs in one basket

7- no rest

These are some common and big mistakes most of the crypto traders are making which is leading them to a big loss of not just the money but health too!

Trading isn't easy when you ain't know nothing about it. You must know the basics and also ”there is no shortcut of getting rich”. All of you must work hard first, learn yourself, have good confidence in yourself before putting your life savings in this volatile and unpredictable market!

Have a good day.

  By Samuel Adu Yeboah

Mr Samuel Adu-Yeboah (Goala Nissi) is a young entrepreneur and a crypto boom expert who started his network marketing career in the year 2013. He then became an exchanger and had his own exchanging website, GOALABIZEXCHANGE. Having 3 years experience in cryptocurrency exchange and trading. He is the CEO of the now best investment opportunity (ECRYPTOPAY) for both network marketers, investors and all passive earners. (FOUNDER)
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