Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Do you want Revive your confidence?

People’s confidence can be weakened or die when it is not used, or when they find themselves in a wrong environment.
Think about a lion trained like a domestic animal. That lion cannot act like a wild lion.

Well, like muscle, confidence can be built. The best method is to exercise it by taking regular and wise risks.

Another thing that can help is change of environment. For example, if your friends do not have confidence, you need to get friends who are confident. The simple reason is, energy is transferable. The more energetic your friends are, the more energised you will become.

Well if you are interested in taking a personality test, then check this:

You may ask, but why do I need confidence? The response is, without self confidence in life you will be left behind. In fact, you will be dominated instead of you having dominion. So, get confidence and you will go far in life.

Who are your friends?

There is a Ghanaian proverb that says, “show me your friend and I will predict your character.”

Well, how far you can go in life will depend on whom you associate with. Note, when Eve got the fruit, she did not eat it alone.

Good companions can help you to go far in the right direction, whereas bad companions will lead you to the opposite direction. Bad companions can let your goals shift.

I knew a man who was drunkard and wanted to stop. He did all he can but could not stop because of his friends. Someone advised him to change location and he did. In fact, that ended that habit.

Wrong companions can derail you if you move with them. So, if your friends are not helping you to get to where you want to be, you need to advise yourself.

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