Thursday, 15 November 2018

If procrastination is a habit, what must you do?

Our attitudes do become habits. When something is a habit, it becomes difficult to end it. Similarly, most people do find it hard to stop procrastination because it has become a habit.

Well, one truth is this, habits can be changed if actions are taken. The first thing required is a mental shift.

You see, the human mind is like a super incubator or amplify. It does amplify what we think about simultaneously. For example, if someone offends you and you think about it for a very long time. The results will be great hatred for the person. This great hatred can lead to actions that are not worth.

If the said is true, then, to shift mindsets from procrastination there is a need to change the thought patterns that leads to procrastination.

Think about this: supposing you live in US and you decide to relocate to UK, you will need a mental shift with regards to how people in UK drive. Shifting your mind and learning about how people drive in UK will help you to ignore how people drive in US.

Similarly, in life you will need mental a shift to enable you progress if you are a procrastinator. The mental shift you will need is this: move from being a procrastinator to an action taker. I mean you need to be a doer.

Being a man or woman of action is not cheap. It is not for the faint-hearted people. However, that is the best and only way forward in life.

The secret is: do, do, do, do, do, no matter how unwilling you may feel.

You may not be having the desire to wake up from bed, yet, you need to wake up and act. You may not want to confront your circumstances, yet you must. There is nothing that is better than taking action in life. Taking action is the king. It is the queen. Take action!

Finally, you need to remember that life is more about faith than feeling. So, learning to handle our emotions that push us to procrastinate will help us to become great achievers.
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