Friday, 18 January 2019

Do you want to know more about patience?

In fact, patience is one of the best ingredients you will need to enable you do anything in life. In business you will need it. In relationship you will need it. To build trust, you will need it. Patience is a must have.
Where are you now in your efforts to succeed in any area of your life? Are you uphill or you are downhill striving to the top?
Wherever, you are you need to remember what I term “the laws of motion”.
It says, “use gear two or three when you are uphill or downhill. Then use the top gear when you are on leveled ground where your view is clear.”
If you do not respect the law of motion, your engine may stop as you move, and it can be disastrous for you and others.
Be patient as a pregnant woman for the sake of the seed within you, else things and people outside there may cause you to have miscarriage. Be patient as an eagle. This is the secret of hitting targets accurately anytime. I say, be patient because the journey is VERY long.

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