Sunday, 24 February 2019

Africa‘s cry and call to all Africans—Africa is not poor

I am success and successful
I am well and wealthy

I am rich, and my riches can reach out to feed all my children, daughters
and sons
Why do they live in poverty?

I am great and abundant

I am all in all and richer than my colleagues, yet my children do not know. Many that envy me call me poor, because many of my children claim poverty whilst they are not.

My children have accepted lies—Lies that they are poor whereas they are
Many who are not my children come to take my wealth and use whilst my

children suffer, smile and watch.
How long will you listen to me and learn to be wise, son?
How long will you continue to accept lies, inferiority and mediocrity?

When will you want to grow and glow, mine children and grandchildren?
I have seen and heard enough;
Enough is enough to this to all my children.

Refuse poverty and infuse prosperity.
Reject poverty, and inject prosperity.

With this, you will enjoy and your children’s children will enjoy and not chill with hunger.

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