Sunday, 24 February 2019

 Message to Africa 4

Why is Africa suffering?

The number one reason is that we do not give value to what we have and ourselves. This makes us not to preserve our treasure. Think about corrup-tion that is ruling over Africa.

Why is it going on in Africa? It is because money is more important to us than our future and ourselves. We prefer to steal and satisfy our greed and make the nations to remain in mess than to help the nation and the people. This thinking makes many of us at the top to embezzle what they want. However, the truth is, taking bribes, embezzlement, avarice are all stealing. If men do not punish the person involved, God will definitely will— remember the grave.

We do not value what we have. We do not value our health and those of our people and take it for granted—hence many diseases killing many. We do not value our treasure; so, any deal is good as far as we can get our share. We do not value our money, and therefore trade in other currencies

 on our own lands. The sad story is there is war between the middle class and the rich over foreign currencies. Why is this so? If we want foreign currencies to be in circulation, we need to give value to what we have and export them for sales outside to generate the currencies.

 Please and please, it is time we polish what we have and sell them, else somebody will come and do that and we will be slaves in our own land again. We cannot sit down for someone to buy the future of Africa and Af-ricans. Let us be wise in our land sales--hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Re-member NAMIBIA AND SOUTH AFRICA and your eyes!

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