Sunday, 24 February 2019

Message to all living Africans 1

It is a great lie to tell me that Africa is poor. For any African to believe this is to believe a lie. We have heard it many times and this is great lie is destroying Africa. Africa is not poor at all.

When my grandmother was young, her mother gave her a bucket of gold. With this gold in my grandmother’s hand, can we say that she is poor? The answer is, no.

The only thing that can make my grandmother poor is carelessness, mismanagement or lack of wisdom, knowledge and thieves. The problem of Africa is not poverty. The problem of Africa is excess mismanagement, lack of accountability, lack of focus on the good and excess corruption.

By Gods grace, we have more than enough. We have land, people, great minerals; but poor leadership and deliberate evil is making Africa to move backwards whilst others are moving forward on. The only way to progress and success is to develop a new mind-set. A change of behavior and attitude is the only way to freedom from needs and poverty. To clear this, let us look at the first part of the national anthem of my country Ghana, and consider it.

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