Sunday, 24 February 2019

Message to all living Africans 2

Africans, our character and attitude should be blended and cooked to face our challenges and changes. No one can solve our problems for us, so we must arise and act, now.

We should not stoop to circumstances challenging us that we have created. It is time to stop running from problems. This is the time to face what are facing us—our enemies. If we arise and confront our problems, we will see their end and be free.

Great people, someone’s philosophy and wrong idea should not determine our future. I mean, we are being called by wrong names, which we con-tinue to accept. We are called poor, third world country and....

It is time we tell the world our opinion regarding what they call us. We must refute all these names. Our countries have good names. If God did not define us thus, why should we accept such definitions and continue to hang them on our necks? Why should we accept the name third world at all? Were we created third in position? If the answer is no, then enough is enough with these names.

Africans, it is time we refute many of the wrong ideologies and decide to live right and fully on this earth. It is time we tell the future, welcome and bid the present farewell. It is time to change our thinking, language and ways. It is time to end the evil things going on in Africa. It is time to end the mess and mercenaries. It is time to trim our lives to fit into the world we are living in.

We cannot continue to go backward whilst others are flying up. It is time to drop whatever that does not lead us into the future. I mean, we need to be accountable and drop thing like corruption and bribery. Some of our deeds do not talk good about us at all. We should not be the causers of our
own downfall.



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