Sunday, 24 February 2019

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God is a deity. In fact, there is no deity other than god. We, angels are entities. It is from this word that we got the word identity. Every entity has a title. This title is linked to the purpose of the entity. For example, the moment I hear the title medical doctor, I know it has to do with cure. If I hear the word preacher, I know what title it is. Literate or illiterate, every person has a title. Every entity has a name. This is what we can use to draw their attention. Example, if I happen to hear my name whilst walking through the street of New York, I will definitely turn to look in addi-tion, attend if possible.

Every entity has a sign--image. That is why there are inscriptions on our hands, and we have different faces. Every entity has a desire. In fact, some of the desires are bad, this is why we at times yearn for things that do not please God and Christ is working on us.

Now, if an entity stronger than you, through his wrong desire takes what is yours, the best thing to do to get your thing back is to see an authority higher than he does.

The bible tell us, that god has given the lord Jesus Christ a name Above every other name both on earth and in heaven-- that, at the Mention of that name (Jesus, Yeshua messiah) every knee shall

bow. God has invested his name YHVH into the name Yeshua--meaning Jesus. Therefore, whenever the enemy comes to your door to knock, all you need to do is to call on the name of Jesus and an angel of the lord god YHVH will attend and help since you know his name (psalm 91).

 ·                   Whom we relate with have the capability of influencing us for good or bad.

 ·                   Dear, contact has power. Technology is teaching us this—

a little touch on a phone changes the phone’s position. Dear, we need the touch of God and his relationship. He is the greatest and can help us.

                      In every season, and in every place, there are dry plants and there are green plants--so it is in our time? The fact that there are crises does not mean that crises are in every field. So, for some it may mean changing position as Jacob did. For some it may mean changing ideas. There are more opportunities than problems in life. Be-ware, those that announce the crises often are doing bet-ter—truth.

Ø                   Climbing every high hill or mountain can be wearying and tough. However, those who have been doing this over years do not find it to be tough. Preparation mat-ters a lot in everything. Those who prepare often do find things easier than the unprepared. The truth is the journey of success is tough. The higher we go, the diz-zier we often become and the easier is it to fall. How-ever, those who know God and have prepared will be able to stand in every tough moment.

Ø                   Communication is one of the things that keep any rela-tionship vibrant. Take it out of any relationship and that relationship will die outright. I guarantee you. That is why God wants us to be in touch with him all the time. In fact a prayerless believer is a powerless believer—such a person is nobody for the devil. Satan does not fear you, but fears your prayers. If you can pray, you will overcome many of your stumbling blocks

Ø                   The good thoughts you have can pull lots for you. Look, we all drink clear water. If any water is colored, we hate it. Similarly, we love day. If darkness comes, we all run from it and go to sleep, isn’t? As it is in this, so it is indeed. The clearer our thoughts and our character are to the world, the more good and gold we will at-tract.

 Ø                     To be able to see ahead, we must know the creator of all things and think ahead.

 Ø                     To do things contrary to our genuineness or integrity is to invite sadness upon ourselves.

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