Sunday, 24 February 2019


GOD bless our homeland, Ghana In addition, make it great and strong Bold to defend forever

The cause of freedom and the right........

My thought on the anthem

The question is what blessings do we want from God again. We have gold, diamond, manganese, bauxite, cocoa, timber, aluminium, land, learned people, peace and....

These are enough to make us great, rich and strong. We have the boldness to conquer and win. We are not people who give up easily. We are tena-cious. If we were people who easily give up, we would not have obtained independence in 1957.

What Ghana needs is not most of what we sing. What we need is disci-pline, sacrifice, love to help ourselves us people. Without discipline, sacri-fice and love, we cannot conquer greed, corruption and bribery.

As the gateway to Africa, we need to set up the pace for others to follow. We can be free, and we will with all willingness. What we need is someone who will lead the way. Will you be the one? I do hope so. If you are will-ing, then read these mind challenging messages to discover what is ahead of you.

We need to, must change our mind-sets. We need to move from the mind-sets of poverty to prosperity and riches. We need to think big, do big and good things. I mean, we need to condition our minds for greater things and we will get them. Graduates without jobs must create their own compa-nies. The opportunities are immense and young women and guys can choose from these. I do see money on the streets of Africa floating, but Af-ricans do leave them and strangers do come to pick them and become bil-lionaires. Young people can start businesses with nothing in hand if they condition their minds to so.

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